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I wanted to offer a warm welcome to our first newsletter of the 2018-19 academic year and to the Greenfield Community Primary school. It has been a pleasure to meet so many of you at our parent presentations and back-to-school evening and I hope that you have found these events both informative and an opportunity to meet other parents in the community.

Several of my friends back in the UK, where I originally come from, have asked me about why I have chosen to work in international education and why I have placed my children in an IB school. I am sure this second question is perhaps one that you have also been asked. For me, speaking personally, the choice comes down to a desired view of the world and that I want my own children, and the students I work with, to see the bigger picture of how people, cultures, languages and places are connected; to see the world from different perspectives and appreciate the diversity that exists. I want my students to have friends from all over the world and to see that as normal everyday life. In this way when they are adults, finding their way in the world, they will also see it as normal to be a global citizen in their everyday work and play.

The international baccalaureate and its Primary Years Programme (PYP) also have collaborative working, personal skills and creativity at its core. While some other education systems may do this to some degree, the PYP quite deliberately sets out a curriculum and planning model that includes these elements for students.

In reflecting on why I believe international education is important I also wanted to leave you with an article, written by Sir Anthony Seldon, last week where he talks about why the world needs IB schools and why the IB as an organization, that turns 50 years old this year, is so important.

Andrew Mitchell

Head of Primary School

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