Performing Arts

We have welcomed another year for Performing Arts Programme and we are glad to see such a positive response from our students and parents who show great interest in joining these activities. There is a known correlation between regular involvement in music and the performing arts, and improved test scores. And a strong and thriving Performing Arts Programme gives an opportunity for our students to express themselves and engages the creative side of their brain while providing an ideal balance to the students’ academic pursuits.

We are excited to announce our new partners  – Dubai Performing Arts Academy led by Lisa Scott-Lee,  a successful recording artist and member of the successful British pop group Steps. This partnership brings Ballet, Street Dance, Drama and Musical theatre lessons to our students in both primary and secondary sections of our school. We look forward to seeing the performances that will showcase the development of talent in these classes.

We have also continued our partnership with the Centre for Musical Arts led by Ms Tala Badri, a Dubai –born founder and Executive Director of the Centre who studied music at Royal Holloway, University of London and is its only female Emirati music graduate. The Centre provides our students with Instrumental Tuition during our academic day on a rotating schedule to allow students to take lessons at our school without having to travel around Dubai for lessons, braving the traffic. There are many students already happily taking lessons in Violin, Guitar, Piano and Voice.

Aside from the programmes provided by third parties, we also have our own teachers-led ECAs such Desert Dance, Concert Band, Secondary and Primary Choirs, Guitar Jamz Club, Violin Ensemble and Rock Band. These programmes help students to explore the richness and complexity of artistic expression in all of its forms.  Creative expression in the performing arts is a great way for students to build self-confidence and can be very valuable for every student, not only for those who like to be on stage and be noticed for their abilities but more importantly for the introverted and reserved children to gain confidence. Children with improved self-confidence are happier in school and better engaged academically.


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