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Second-hand Uniform Sales

A service by parents for parents

As parents we all know that the cost of necessary education ‘extras’ soon begins to add up. Paid ECAs, outside activities, devices, shoes that suddenly no longer fit, and then there’s the uniform: buying multiple pieces new from Zak’s Uniform Store can be painfully expensive. Buying second-hand uniform is possible at Greenfield Community School, thanks to the efforts of the GCP and two volunteer parents in particular: Kerstin Hohmann and Adriana Jimenez M.

The second-hand uniform sales rely on donations of unwanted, good quality uniform items from parents whose children have out-grown items or who are leaving the school. These are sorted and sold at monthly sales held on the second Tuesday of every month from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm in the PYP Cafeteria. If you have items you wish to donate, you can bring them to the sale or leave with Jenny, the lovely PYP receptionist for Kerstin to collect.

There are items of uniform for most years and sizes, although some pieces are harder to find than others. You just need to come and have a look!

The school supports our efforts by providing space to store the clothes between sales and allowing us to book a space to run the sale every month. The facilities team help to move the clothes at the beginning and end of the session. It’s a great example of how parents and the school can work together.

Buying a second-hand uniform is economical and supports the aim of ‘greening’ GCS by reusing items instead of discarding them. Please support this parent-run activity by donating good quality uniform and considering buying your extra uniform from it. The funds raised by second-hand uniform sales go directly back to items or activities that benefit students and parents – more details on this will be given in a future newsletter.


Check the size of uniform required before you arrive and perhaps even bring a measuring tape. The numerical sizes from Zaks can be variable.

Come early – the sale opens before pick-up time.

Bring small notes. Although our volunteers often have some change they won’t be happy if you try to pay for 3 items at 10 AED each with a 500 Dirham note!

What You Need To Know

  • The next sale is on Tuesday 9 October, 1:30-3:00 pm in PYP cafeteria
  • Every item costs AED 10, except for the winter fleece jackets, which are AED 20
  • No refunds, no exchanges, no discounts

Meet Your Fellow Parents

First GCP Coffee Morning is Coming Up

The Greenfield Community Parents committee would like to invite all parents, and particularly parents new to the school, to attend a coffee morning. The event will be held on Tuesday 2 October, 8:00 am- 9:00 am in the French Classroom F48 (Ms Funny Piat’s room), 1st floor, PYP building.

Members of the GCP Committee will be there to introduce themselves and tell you a little about what they do, where there are opportunities for parent participation in the school and share a time and space to mix and mingle over a cup of tea or coffee. This is a casual event and you are welcome to bring questions or simply have a conversation and meet someone new. We would love to have parents who have been at the school for a while also come, to welcome our new families and answer any questions they may have.

New to Dubai? We are here to help.

GCP ‘Buddy’ Campaign can help you get off to a great start

Arriving in Dubai or even at a new school can be stressful and confusing – for the parents as well as the children. The Greenfield Community Parents committee has a long-running campaign which aims to match a new family with a volunteer ‘buddy’ family, from the same country or linguistic background to help with any practical questions and help with settling in. Questions may range from, ‘Where should get my curtains from?’, to ‘Is there a meet-up for my community?’ or ‘Where is the best bread sold?’. This year our GCP volunteer, Gin Wingfield – herself a new arrival into the Dubai school scene – has helped families from many different countries find someone to be a helping hand in the early weeks and months of the year.

Helping another family from your country or linguistic background in this way is very rewarding and doesn’t take a lot of time. If you are interested in being a potential ‘buddy’, please send a short email to Gin, letting her know which country(ies) you relate to and languages spoken – the email address is:

And if you are, or someone you know is new, and could do with some support from a friend in your/their mother tongue. Please do reach out and ask – the same email address or find any GCP member in the school grounds. Don’t be a stranger!

A little time. A big benefit.

We need each other.

At GCS there is a tradition of having a parent representative associated with each homeroom class. This role can help ease communication between parents and school – very often a question that one parent asks in the group can be answered by other parents or a parent can gain support if they have worries or concerns about anything their child is experiencing at school. A Class Rep usually takes the ‘admin’ role in setting up a WhatsApp group and will relate any wider queries to the GCP Primary or Secondary Rep to take to their regular meetings with the senior leadership team (SLT). Most communication is done via mobile phones – there may be one group meeting a term to discuss any issues together.

Please consider volunteering to be your child’s homeroom class rep. We all benefit if there is a wider range of points of view expressed, it means the school is able to respond to the views of the whole community. Having a strong representation of parents within the school increases levels of teacher-parent communication, increases trust, openness and ultimately benefits all our children.

For parents of secondary children, please contact Katharina Mestermann email: For parents of primary children, please contact your class teacher directly.

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