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I have been back in school since August 5th. Schools are horrible places to be on August 5th. They are empty and bleak, with everyone on holiday and nothing but the sound of classroom walls being painted to break the silence. Then slowly the school starts to stir as other senior colleagues arrive, and our offices begin to ring to the gurgle of coffee being poured and jokes swapped. By the middle of the month, our new teachers arrive, drawn from around the world with much talk of sofas to buy, cars to rent and how to survive the heat. Before we know it all the team are back. The staffroom full of friends catching up, sharing stories of elephants ridden, mountains scaled and strange foreign things like rain, grass and snow. Then finally, that great day arrives. Our wonderful students return, and the school is alive again. Classrooms fill with laughter, exciting stories of holiday challenges conquered, and grandparents and friends and summers well spent. Soon the whole school is awake, music streams from band practice and choir and the thunk of dunked basketballs boom from the gym. The Auditorium fills with assemblies and parents welcomed and classrooms take students on journeys to lands afar. Test tubes bubble, new languages spoken and children giggle on buses as the head off to The Jamjar Workshop. And the school is back, not the collection of buildings that stood empty at the start of August, but rather the real school, the community of people caring for each other and keen to succeed. Welcome back and let’s make this year the best ever.

Peter Fremaux

Head of Secondary


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