Grade 5 Students Express Themselves Through Provocation

To get students excited about the journey they’re about to take, and to start thinking about selected concepts and ideas in a specific context Grade 5 students have done some provocation activities for the current unit, “how we express ourselves”.  Students learned to recognise that the world of art extends beyond painting and drawing. It was a rich experience that generated great questions and enthusiasm which you can hear in the feedback given by students:

I enjoyed the provocation because I really enjoy dancing, music and all the arts. This unit is helping me understand that graffiti, photography, and performing arts are all categorised into art. The provocation really gave us a hint of what our unit is going to be about, and it really inspired me to learn more.


For unit 1 (how we express ourselves) we had a provocation about different styles of art like music, dance, graffiti, drama and photography. My favourite one was graffiti because I never did it before, so it was a good experience and a new way to show my emotions. I also really enjoyed music because we could create different sounds with a variety of instruments.


I think this UOI is going to be the best, not only because we get to do art but because we get to learn about it. So far, we’ve learned about things like value, form, mosaic, and sculpture. The provocation was a good chance to learn about different types of art like graffiti, music, and drama. I really enjoyed it because I never tried graffiti before, it was really fun.


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