Academic Honesty Week

The Individuals and Societies Department is bound by its commitment to developing competent learners who will make a difference in the 21st Century, all within a positive learning environment. This commitment is encompassed in subject-specific requirements and expectations as well skills needed outside the four corners of their classrooms. In line with this, the new academic year was welcomed with one goal – to create a “Culture of Excellence through Growth Mindset” through Academic Honesty. All Individuals and Individuals classes from Grades 6-12 showed synergy and cohesiveness in understanding the importance of Academic Honesty personally and professionally. Each grade/level was given specific activities in which they comprehensively discussed and examined why academic honesty matters.

At the end of each lesson, MYP students produced or learned specific outcomes:

Grade 6 – Anti-Plagiarism Checklist

Grade 7 – “Top 10” list why academic honesty matters

Grade 8 – Situational analysis on Plagiarism and Academic Honesty

Grade 9 – Difference between Accidental and Deliberate Plagiarism

Grade 10 – Class Integrity Policy

Students’ knowledge about referencing and following the conventional method known as MLA (Modern Language Association) was likewise reinforced. Another important highlight of this week was the distribution of Academic Honesty Contract that the students and their parents had to sign.

Understandably, Academic Honesty does not only happen for a day or week, we envision all students to practice academic honesty and integrity at all times in and out the premises of Greenfield Community School.

Gemelyn R. Palo

Head of Individuals and Societies Department

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