Congratulations to our Grade 5 students:  Ricardo Martinico, Isaac Thekkumuriel, Mohamed Alibhai and, Atharva Mansabdar for reaching the final stage of this year’s UAE STEM Olympiad.

STEM engages students around the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: providing opportunities to apply knowledge and skills whilst solving investigative based inquiries.  The thematic approach to learning develops innovators in an ever-evolving world.  With the Expo 2020 insight, we are certain that our creative thinkers will continue to make use of their abilities in the future.

In the words of our own students:

Isaac: “It has been a futuristic experience.”

Mohammed: “It has been great to share new innovative ideas with others.”

Atharva: “I have loved working with new gadgets that will help me in my future.”

After being selected from over 4000 participants, our GCS finalists showcased their true talents at Dubai Parks and Resorts last weekend.  All students impressed the judges with their innovative thinking and GCS once more featured in the winning team.

Congratulations to all our STEM Olympiad finalists who represented GCS with pride and honour.

Mr Burden

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