Launch of the GCS Ramadan Fridge!

This article has been written by Grade 11 GCS students Lea Mestermann (Activities Prefect) and Maryam Kilani (Academic Prefect)

In the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan we are delighted to inform you that our school has purchased a Ramadan fridge. The fridge was bought by the GCP using funds raised by the parents at events such as International Day.  As our school is located in the middle of an industrial area and is surrounded by people who are not as fortunate as us we wanted to ‘give back’ to the local community during Ramadan.

ramadan fridge
The GCS Ramadan fridge

What is the initiative?
The Ramadan Sharing Fridge initiative started in 2016 with few fridges placed outside homes and it grew very fast. This is a Dubai-based initiative licensed under the patronage of the Emirates Red Crescent.  Today, there are around 200 fridges based all around Dubai.

How can you be involved?
We need you!  The fridge is located outside of the school exit gate under the shaded area.  We need everyone’s help in stocking the fridge with food and beverages several times a day, both during the week as well as on the weekend.

What are the best items to donate to the fridges?
Popular things that get donated are:

Small-sized soft drinks, juice boxes and water
Biscuits such as Oreos
Laban and Yoghurt
Noodle cups
Canned tuna
Veggies – Tomatoes, Cucumber and Onions
Fruit – Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Pears, Mandarins and Dates
Granola bars
Small cream cheese portions (such as Kiri)
Small packs of crackers

Important Note: We do not have authorisation for the distribution of hot food or pre-prepared food.  Please also make sure to check the expiry dates on the donated items.

When is the best time to drop food into the Fridges?
The Ramadan Sharing Fridge at GCS will be open 24/7 so you can donate anytime.  However, community workers are around between 8am until 6pm which is when the need is greatest.  Please help keep the fridge clean and consider the environment by disposing of any rubbish responsibly.

Thank you and may our fridge always be full!


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