GCS Poetry Slam – Part 3: ‘Homeland’ by Zuhair Aldahshan

In a series of four articles we will be publishing the shortlisted and winning poems written by our talented Grade 9 students, which were selected by guest judge, the award-winning Emirati poet, Afra Atiq, and GCS Head of English, Judith Shannon, at the special Secondary Assembly held last week.  We are also including a video clip of their recitals.

Why?  Well, it is simply because their poems are pieces of art that are truly inspiring and beautifully written from the heart.  Their live performances on stage at the Assembly were raw and emotional, and we believe that each of the students deserves their own unique platform.

Read.  Watch.  Feel.  Connect.  Be.

Today’s poem is by Zuhair Aldahshan, Grade 9D (Runner Up)


We cannot speak

They are the crow

And we are the beak

Even if we try

Climb to the highest peak

Scream out our lungs

But cannot make a squeak

Palestine is the name

Sticks and stones are the game

70 years we pushed back

But never overcame

Every day, every week

Its all the same

I was born in the states

The red white and blue

Supplied them with bullets and bullets

Bombs and rockets too

These weapons to stop the wars

But all they did was burst our walls

We’ve resisted all these years

And always end up in tears

Sounds of bullets rupture my ears

While the little children live with fear

Knowing that with a drop of Penny they may no longer be here.

They’ve split our country

Our pride and joy

They stole our land

Like a big brother steals a toy

While they enjoy our land and our houses

We struggle put food on our plates

Our bodies shutting down like were carrying 100 pound weights

With all the carnage and killing

Our stomachs are rumbling while their guns are filling

To them its not slaughter its mercy killing

Watching as our guts are spilling on the floor

As they burst through our doors

Shooting anything that moves

As our family is being removed

From their homes and sent to heaven

As they look down they see Armageddon

The devil smiles and god cries

As a man

 looks down at all the people

And watches as his own little son dies at the mercy of his invader

There is nothing greater than overcoming a fear

But over here

That’s not possible.

[wpvideo Uc3zEYLB]


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