Seesaw. An interactive window into your child’s classroom.

GCS is now using Seesaw – an innovative tool which provides parents a window to their child’s classroom and a way of sharing what your child is learning at school.  Seesaw is essentially our GCS learning journal.

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It is a safe, user-friendly way for families to monitor and engage in students learning.  Seesaw also enables students to show off their achievements in real-time while using the technology.  That means teachers, students and families can offer valuable, timely feedback which encourages reflective learning and motivates students to take greater ownership for their own progress.

At the beginning of June, Grade 5 coordinator and our GCS Seesaw Ambassador, Jane Gaughan, organised tutorial sessions for parents to help them get started with Seesaw.

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Jane Gaughan, Grade 5 coordinator and Seesaw Ambassador for GCS

For students, Seesaw gives them a place to document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology.  Each child gets their own journal and we will periodically add entries to it, like photos, videos, drawings, or notes.  As a parent, you can access your child’s journal anytime via iOS app, Android app, Kindle Fire app, or on the website using other smartphones and computers.

Seesaw is user-friendly and interactive

To get the most out of Seesaw we recommend parents check it regularly – notifications are sent about new entries in your child’s journal.  For busy parents we feel it is a fantastic way to celebrate your child’s classroom success.  Not only that, it creates a community spirit with other parents as you can include all Seesaw participants in your comments, which extends the learning experience even further.  All student content is safe and secure.  Journals are only accessible by your child, their teachers and yourself.

If you would like to learn more about Seesaw at GCS, Jane Gaughan is our Seesaw specialist.  During her recent tutorial one of our GCP parents kindly recorded one of the Information Sessions.  Please click here to see the video.
Or please feel free to  contact the Seesaw team directly.

We are very excited about Seesaw!  It is a wonderfully interactive way of involving you, as parents,  in your child’s education.  We look forward to ‘virtually’ seeing you in the classroom!


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