GCS Poetry Slam – Part 2: ‘Why I wonder why’ by Mariana Abu Jamra

In a series of four articles we will be publishing the shortlisted and winning poems written by our talented Grade 9 students, which were selected by guest judge, the award-winning Emirati poet, Afra Atiq, and GCS Head of English, Judith Shannon, at the special Secondary Assembly held last week.  We are also including a video clip of their recitals.

Why?  Well, it is simply because their poems are pieces of art that are truly inspiring and beautifully written from the heart.  Their live performances on stage at the Assembly were raw and emotional, and we believe that each of the students deserves their own unique platform.

Read.  Watch.  Feel.  Connect.  Be.

Today’s poem is by Mariana Abu Jamra, Grade 9C (Runner Up)


Why I wonder why

You’re so stupid

Why are you like this?

You are so ugly?

Why do you exist?

You’re so dumb

No one likes you!

Kill yourself!

But why? Why say that to someone?

what is this impulse

that you clowns have to insult

those who are down,

make them frown,

drown in their own ocean of insecurities,

created by your affronts and assaults,

you just …disgust me.

I just don’t understand the importance of letting someone down,

laughing at their disappointment,

their tears,

their sadness,

why I wonder why?

Does it make yourself feel better?

More important?



why I wonder why?

Because wanting to be cool

is not an excuse for the cruel comments

making someone feel like a fool,

wanting to quit

by making that pulse ringing in their ears while being hit

in the face just stop.

End. Just like that

Why I wonder why?

talks, songs, movies, speeches

all trying to fit in the pieces

of this puzzle as to why…

Why I wonder why?

talks, songs, movies, speeches

all trying to fit in the pieces

of this puzzle as to why…

why do you kill them from the inside,

mill their smile,

take their pride

and just like that in a second they are Gone.





G. O. N. Even after that

the rats still won’t own up to the lists and lists and pages

of mistakes, and rudeness

and just like that after a few weeks,

there were no changes,

another victim was chosen to be broken,

called names,

blamed, shamed,

but they are not a game for you to play!

Why I wonder why.

I stare at the walls just wondering why?

they don’t live in a kraal waiting to be called by you to abuse, bruise, use.

“I see humans but no humanity” As someone once said.

Why I wonder why.

They are a person just like you,

or sorry allow me to correct myself,

they are human unlike you.


[wpvideo 0SQriwF7]

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