GCS Poetry Slam – Part 1: ‘Trapped Inside’ by Shehab Wahdan

In a series of four articles we will be publishing the shortlisted and winning poems written by our talented Grade 9 students, which were selected by guest judge, the award-winning Emirati poet, Afra Atiq, and GCS Head of English, Judith Shannon, at the special Secondary Assembly held last week.  We are also including a video clip of their recitals.

Why?  Well, it is simply because their poems are pieces of art that are truly inspiring and beautifully written from the heart.  Their live performances on stage at the Assembly were raw and emotional, and we believe that each of the students deserves their own unique platform.

Read.  Watch.  Feel.  Connect.  Be.

Today’s poem is by Shehab Wahdan, Grade 9B (Runner Up)

Trapped Inside

You know? Life has a really odd sense of humour
some may even say mocking
but what I’m about to tell you may even sound shocking
but our struggles define who we are

My struggle is not like your average story
not the average story of a young boy living a happy life
it was more like a large mountain but steeper
like a never ending sea but deeper

I was trapped inside a large cage with no bars
a cage that was both full and empty
and the only sound you could ever hear inside of it was the mocking sound of laughter and occasionally the sound of silence

the cage was like a black cloud of poison creeping slowly
towards my throat to entomb me, suffocate me
and every time I were to gaze into the endless abyss
the abyss would always stare back

I was stuck inside the abyss for 3 years and one day
one magical day I found another person stuck with me
stuck inside the darkness desperate to escape
but the person was weak and in his determination to leave
he became one with the thing
he was trying to escape

and soon from my perspective the cloud transformed into a
black swarm of scarabs that
deliberately gnawed at my sanity
and as the cloud clawed away at my humanity
I found the one thing I never thought I would ever see again

Hope and bravery
I had found them buried deep inside the one place I wouldn’t look
the depth of my heart.
I had to look past the pain, the suffering, the fear
In order to break free out of my sarcophagus

Hope and bravery
they were like a torch that burned brightly in the midst of the black storm
And with this torch I stood up and darted towards the cloud
my fists flew in rage at the swarm of scarabs and soon enough

I had finally escaped from the cloud
and the prison… the bullying was no more
where I stood up triumphant

[wpvideo 1C8wqMap]



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