From the Principal’s Desk

Today’s article ‘From The Principal’s Desk’ has been guest-written by Andrew Mitchell, Head of Primary. 

wanted to write to you and keep you updated about a primary school development that we have been working on for the last few months.  Like many new projects there is a good deal of planning and work behind the scenes before the final product is ready to be unveiled.  Over the next few weeks you will have increasing visibility into your child’s classroom, learning and feedback at school through an educational application called Seesaw.  Each child will receive their own electronic journal where the school will share photos, videos, pictures, student reflections and teacher feedback.  The student journals provide a safe, secure, advert-free and most importantly teacher and parent monitored digital environment. 

An example of the Seesaw application

For many of you who have attended different international schools around the world or have had a student in Grade 5 at GCS you may be familiar with the application already and the way it can harnessed to promote student learning.  As a parent, it is an easy (and free) application to get to grips with on Mac, Android and Kindle devices.  You can get notifications of new content and it will help you to encourage the skills your child is working on in class outside of school.  It also allows you the opportunity to comment, celebrate and encourage your child.

The teachers at GCS have been involved in a number of training sessions with the application and we have planned a series of activities and sharing opportunities throughout the final units of the academic year.  The students, under the supervision of their teachers, will learn to interact with the platform, give and receive feedback, and share with you their classroom activities.

For those of you who are already keen to get started you can find out more information through the video link (LINK).  We will also be running a series of short information drop-in sessions at the start of the school day for parents who prefer face-to-face information between the 27th and 31st of May.  The homeroom teachers will be providing you with a personal link to access your child’s journal.

As a school we hope that this will involve parents in the learning that is going on across the primary school, encourage digital skills in our students and allow a safe stimulating environment for them to learn about digital citizenship.


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