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I have really enjoyed hearing from a range of our students about their learning journeys and experiences recently . For our Grade 5 students last week’s Exhibition was the culmination of the term, year and the PYP.  Each group had chosen a line of inquiry and researched a topic. Along the way they had learnt a great deal about how to do research, teamwork, digital animation and many other skills. The Grade 12 Art Exhibition was terrific. I was captivated as I listened to the art students talking about their creative journey and what they had learnt about painting, drawing, sculpture and themselves along the way.

A number of our students have done very well in the recent Arabic Writing and Quran recitation competitions.  Particular congratulations must go to Abdelrahman Shaaban from Grade 3VB who won first-place overall in this the ninth year of the Quran recitation competition which is arranged by the KHDA and hosted by Dubai National School. Over 150 schools take part in this event and the standards are very high.

Our U14 Boys Basketball team is on a winning streak. On Tuesday our team defended their perfect season with 3 wins in their Championship Qualification group. Following in the footsteps of our successful U16 team they will be competing for the top ranking in the Emirate. In that wasn’t enough similarity they will be facing Wellington International School, the same finals opponents from earlier in the year. 

U14 basketball_May 18
GCS U14 Boys Basketball Team

Six of our musicians took part in a masterclass this week with the London Mozart Players. Together with other Taaleem schools five of our violinists and a trombone player were taught by and played alongside some very experienced and talented professional musicians. I hosted them for a visit this morning and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the experience, how much they had learnt and sharing ideas for growing the music programme here at GCS.

A number of our U10 boys play rugby for a local club. They took part in a tournament last weekend and three of them ended up being captains of successful teams. I invited them to meet me in my office earlier to congratulate them and I asked them what they had learnt from playing rugby. Their answers were wonderful.  ‘Perseverance. Learning to win with pride and lose with dignity,’ was one lad’s answer. There was a lengthy discussion about the fact that, while it was great to win, there had been many losses before and that, as players, they had learnt more from their losses than their victories. ‘Losing isn’t a bad thing. You learnt a lot’. One quoted his coach as saying ‘ you’re not playing for yourself, your parents or the club, you’re playing for the person next to you.’ Real wisdom from nine year old boys. 

There are so many teachable moments, in and out of classroom. An IB education is as much about the process as the product.


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