Taaleem Titans travelling to Prague for European Basketball Tournament

If December’s basketball excitement wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry – they’re back!  In true A-team style, they have headed into the workshop and been hard at work to create a new monster – the ‘Taaleem Titans’.

Taaleem Titans basketball Team_March 2018 lo res
Taaleem Titans with coaches Matt Christensen and Jacqueline Ronalds, and Christopher Chatzigeorgiou , MD Alumil

Ten members of our epic U16 Boys Basketball team are heading to Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, to take part in the annual Eurobasket Tournament; all part of a new collaborative idea called the ‘Taaleem Titan’s.   GCS has partnered with our former basketball rivals Uptown School to take on some of Eastern Europe’s best teams.

Coached by Matt Christensen, Athletics Director, GCS and Jacqueline Ronalds, Teacher and Basketball Coach, UTS Taaleem, they have tirelessly worked together to harness the team’s potential and motivated the boys to achieve peak physical performance ahead of their trip to Prague.  They have been practicing hard every weekend since December preparing for their 8 day tour where they will be stepping into the shoes of world class athletes.  This is the first time ever the UAE has been represented at this event, which traditionally only permits elite basketball clubs to participate.  They will essentially be professional athletes for a week.

The players will be staying in the Sports Hotel, a converted former Olympic Village hostel, where rigorous training, balanced nutrition and sports education will be the prime focus, culminating in the excitement of competing in the basketball tournament itself.  In their spare time away from the basketball court, our team will also have the chance to experience some of the highlights of Prague, one of the most historic cities in Europe, which will undoubtedly be a well-earned mini-break from their athletic endeavours.

The beautiful city of Prague

As a school we are renowned for diversity – in fact 11 nationalities represented by 10 players make up the Taaleem Titans.  To celebrate our multinational team we have asked the tournament organisers if they would fly all the country flags outside the venue – and they agreed.

The team partnership would not have been possible without their generous sponsorship and support. of the Middle East office of Alumil, who have provided a new professional sports kit for each player. Christopher Chatzigeorgiou, MD, Alumil shared his support for the Taaleem Titans:

“I have witnessed first-hand how much happier and healthier my own children are due to their active involvement in team sports, and that prompted us to want to get more involved.  That’s how the sponsorship of the Taaleem Titans came about.  Alumil is really proud of their sporting achievements so far, but it is the genuine camaraderie and enthusiasm amongst young players that brings the greatest joy and the motivation to continue our support.  We are sure they will represent the UAE to their best ability; their determination underlines their success and we wish them all the best”

As the boys prepare for their trip to Prague they are proudly wearing their Taaleem and Alumil branded strip at school today; a black polo shirt, black pants and yellow/black hoodie.  From Grade 10: Ethan Blom, Pedro Carmona, Emile El Azar, Mustafa Khan, Kamran Mustafayev, Philip Silva, Arryaan Wadiwala.  From Grade 9: Kyriakos Chatzigeorgiou, Marc Moral.  And from Grade 8: Antionio Panev

The GCS Taaleem Titans  in their bespoke strip with Andy Wood, Principal, Peter Fremaux, Head of Secondary, Lindsey Brooker, PE Assistant and Matt Christensen, Athletics Director

Andy Wood, Principal, GCS added his support for the team:

“I am excited to see our two schools partnering to create opportunities for our students to train and compete at an elite level.  I am sure that the life lessons our students learn from sport will have positive spin-offs into their academic motivation and commitment”

We are delighted that Gulf News published a feature article in their sports section today highlighting the team: http://gulfnews.com/sport/basketball/taaleem-titans-have-europe-in-their-sights-1.2192429?utm_source=Feeds&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=Taaleem

If you want to pledge your support for our budding team we also invite you to follow their progress on our official team Facebook page:  taaleemtitansbball


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