The Grade 10 Personal Project Exhibition

On Tuesday 13th March 2018, Grade 10’s Personal Project Exhibition opened. The Personal Project is an independent research project that all students undertake as part of the IB MYP curriculum.  Based on their own personal interests, their projects demonstrate creativity and organisation, and aim to fully embody the knowledge they have gained during their years in MYP.  The broad topics of study included Personal and Cultural Expression, Scientific and Technical Innovation, Fairness and Development and Globalisation and Sustainability to name a few.

At last, the results of many months of research, creativity and hard work from more than 70 Grade 10 students were on display during the afternoon’s exhibition.  The event was visited by all students in the school, teachers and proud parents.  We were incredibly impressed by the thought process, tenacity and maturity that so many of our students demonstrated during this project – and at the Exhibition itself.

Specials thanks go to Mr Chris Cooke, MYP Coordinator, and Mr Andrew Ritter for steering this project to fruition – and all the other project mentors for their support and guidance, which provided the foundation for the students’ success.

Peter Fremaux, Head of Secondary, shared his reaction to the work on display:

Wow, what an incredible afternoon we had with the Personal Project Exhibitions.  I spent a wonderful time going from eloquent student to eloquent student, proud to show of their projects.  I was amazed by what they had done.

At one stand I learned about how one student had built a kiln in his back garden and made his own real sword, at another I saw the 600 page history book which had been professionally printed and at another I played a video game one of our students had programmed. 

Another student showed me the book on anxiety that she had written and published and still another presentation showed off a full hydroponics system here basil happily grew.

I was equally impressed by the interactive book on karate, the amazing three paintings called ‘The Wings of a Butterfly’, the poems that raised awareness of world problems and the amazing models for sustainable living.

These were just a few of the many wonderful projects, and what was clear was the excellent standard and passion the students had for their projects. 

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