Learning Arabic at GCS

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language on the planet with over 250 million native Arabic speakers.  In the UAE, Arabic is a core subject and is compulsory from Grade 1 through to Grade 9 for non-native students and from Grade 1 through to Grade 12 for native students.  However, students at GCS enjoy learning Arabic from KG onwards.

During Grade 1, pupils concentrate on the sound and lettering of the alphabet using a variety of resources to help them become increasingly familiar with the written and oral form.  At this stage, Arabic lessons are fully integrated with the Unit of Inquiry.

From Grades 2 to 5, a more topic based curriculum is introduced in which pupils learn a variety of vocabulary in context from numbers and colours to food and classroom items. Emphasis is placed upon a context based curriculum where useful conversational Arabic are at the heart of the curriculum.  Reading and writing are the two productive skills that are focus areas as well.  Improving pupils’ skills is key with the aim of giving a sound based of Arabic ion which to continue into MYP.  This journey continues in MYP with more challenging learning environment and higher thinking skills.

The aim of Arabic department in GCS is to inspire the students to enhance their communication skills and competence in Arabic, as well as their appreciation of the Arabic culture.  A balance of receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking and writing) skills are developed through interactive learning classes and allow students to feel valued and confident in their acquisition of Arabic.


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