Highlights of GCS International Day 2018

GCS International Day took place last Thursday 1st March and in the words of Sarah Lumb, GCS Secondary Parent Representative and organiser of the annual International Day event, “WOW, WOW, WOW what an amazing day.  The parents of GCS put in enormous efforts over the last few months to make International Day 2018 what it was – a beautiful day sharing our pride in our countries, cultures and talents with an open and generous spirit”.

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We absolutely concur with these sentiments.  International Day is always huge event to organise and Greenfield Community School staff would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire GCP committee for their exceptionally hard work in putting together such a wonderful and fun day for all.

Our parents from more than 40 countries generously shared culinary delights at their tables and did a fine job of representing indigenous cultures and traditions at each and every one of the country tables.  For example, Australia recreated the bush with little koalas and foliage, whilst China filled their up stand with red lanterns, bamboo and pandas!  We were treated to a sizzling Brazilian BBQ of epic proportions, classic British biscuits and cakes,  spicy Indian food and dancing, lessons in making real Italian pizza dough, Russian blinis and caviar, a daring challenge to try Sweden’s salted liquorice, and traditional Arabic dates and cookies from the Levant countries, to name but a few …

There were plenty of activities around the pitch – a play area and entertainment for the young kids, and some of our sponsors offered on the spot coaching in gymnastics and fitness.

The atmosphere on the school main pitch that afternoon was one of revelry, laughter and fun.  In the spirit of every successful festival, a full programme of music and dance on stage kept everybody entertained.   Our talented musical students sang, played in a band and danced – and we are very proud of them!  GCS parents also created some energetic routines such as traditional Arabic dancing, Pakistani Dhol drumming,  Italian Folk music, Line Dancing from the USA, a Bollywood extravaganza from India and many, many more.  We offer our thanks to all parents who showcased their talents on the day.  We also had an acrobatic gymnastics display and a fitness class on stage to keep the energy high!

Lots of raffle prizes were generously donated by local businesses ranging from spa vouchers and free dinners to singing lessons and fitness sessions.  Well done to the lucky prize winners.

A good time was had by all and, needless to say, we can’t wait for next year!

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