Feedback from Greenfield Community School’s New Parents

Earlier this term we surveyed our new parents (i.e. those who joined the school this year) to find out what has gone well and what we can do to make things even better. Feedback is vital to improvement and we always want to be better than our previous best.

Many of the comments were positive and spoke about how well their children have settled, how students and parents value the richness of the IB’s approach to education and the creative way in which the curriculum is delivered. The care shown by the teachers and classroom atmosphere was commended.

Looking at areas to be addressed, there was strong consensus that the communication can be improved. As a first step we are conducting a communications audit: we will be reviewing every piece of communication that goes home: newsletters, sports announcements, field trip letters, the weekly class newsletter, what goes on the blog, everything. Once this has been done we will review our systems and streamline them.

The second item was ECA’s, and the provision for KG children and girls in Primary. We will be reviewing our ECA programme in general and in these areas in particular.

Thirdly, there are concerns about the teaching methodology and homework in some of the Arabic classes in Primary. We are working with a number of the staff who are new appointments as well as some of our experienced teachers to GCS to ensure that their teaching and behaviour management strategies are consistent with those used in the homeroom classes.

We would like to thank those parents who completed the survey – it helps us identify our strengths and ways in which we improve.

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