Talent and Teamwork at Dubai Desert Dance

Article by Peter Fremaux, Head of Secondary.

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Dubai Desert Dance festival.  Now, I must confess I’m not an expert on dance, but I found the event really enjoyable and I was incredibly impressed by what I saw.  A wide variety of schools took part and clearly the hundreds of students involved had worked incredibly hard to produce high quality performances.  Maybe I’m biased, but I did feel the dance from GCS stood out.  I was hugely impressed by the technical complexity and level of professionalism and the staging, music and costumes linked the whole performance together.  What stuck me more though was the beauty and grace in the performances, which I found very moving and emotional.

The GCS dancers were treated to lunch in the Principal’s office following the Dubai Desert Dance Festival

The GCS dancers are unique in being student led and reflect not only great effort, skill and talent, but also the leadership skills and teamwork of those involved.  Thank you to the students for what was a great event and excellent dance and I look forward to this tradition continuing for years to come.

– Peter Fremaux –

Head of Secondary

Greenfield Community School

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