Expressing Current World Problems Through Poetry

With Book Week and the Emirates LitFest just around the corner, we thought it would be a timely opportunity to showcase the literary talents of one of our students.  As part of his Grade 10 Personal Project, Pedro Carmona has written a thought-provoking poem that powerfully expresses his dreams of a more tolerant and open-minded world.

In the Eyes of Another

By: Pedro Carmona, Grade 10

I do not decide who I am, for who I am is decided by another

Some may think I strive to harm, but some may see me as their brother.

All in all, who I am comes down to my beliefs,

Because beliefs often act as our own thieves.

My beliefs indirectly steal my identity,

They can change what others see inside of me,

But I cannot blame them, for the hatred I receive

For It all comes down, to those

who see me as a blind devotee

Of a pointless faith, of an erroneous belief.

My religion should not have any set stereotypes,

And I should not be judged by how I define posthumous paradise,

And the hatred that some release on me and my faithful brothers,

Should not be born from the actions of others.

I will not be judged by another man’s violent doing,

Because violence is not something that I am pursuing.

I will not be judged for what certain people may be,

It does not matter if they look like me, or if they are similar, religiously.

Deeply seeded feelings of animosity,

That due to ignorance are targeted at me.

Some are ignorant of how equal we were all meant to be,

And thus, they treat religious others as mere mediocrities.

Some are blinded by their isolating doctrines,

And look upon others of different faiths as simply mad fiends.

Some may stand to watch this happen, but some may stay and intervene,

But I just hope that tomorrow, we may be able to convene,

And we may see one another for who we really are,

Without having religious bias rooted in our hearts.

I hope that tomorrow, this shameful feud will end,

And no matter your religion, I can truly call you my friend,

And I hope that in spite of our faiths, we will look upon others,

As part of our families, and as loving brothers,

And that I will be equal,

In the eyes of another.

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