Week Without Walls – action, adventure and learning

We have been experiencing a very different flavour of school life this past week.  It is all about celebrating Week Without Walls – week of school where students engage and get involved in a wide range of activities to support their holistic education and growth. 

A number of our secondary students travelled abroad.  We have a group in Bali exploring the indigenous culture and traditional crafts, whilst others are enjoying the fresh air of the Alpine pistes on a ski trip to France.  We also organised a number of adventure camps to explore the UAE desert and at an outdoor pursuits centre in Ras Al Khaimah. 


Ecoventure and desert camp trips in the UAE

Our regular school timetable was also off the agenda this week for all students remaining in school;  instead an amazing choice of in-house activities were put together – including dance, SCUBA diving, mindfulness and yoga, team-building games, art classes, cookery classes and even a go-kart building project, to name a few!


Students making paper mache volcanoes during in-school activities

The aim of this week is to encourage students to be risk-takers, to seek action learning opportunities for Service Learning and to become balanced learners.  The hands-on and experiential elements of learning come to the fore together with team-work, where students are encouraged to remain aware of the common goals of a successful project.

There are so many fantastic moments and memories of these trips captured in the various photos streams and links that were communicated to parents; do take and look to catch your child enjoying the week’s activities!

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