Islamic Design projects during UAE Innovation Month

The UAE is staging a month-long innovation festival in February, involving government entities, small businesses, multinationals and education bodies, intended to promote the UAE as a hub for creative thinking.  This year, each emirate runs its own programme of events and mini-festivals throughout February to celebrate innovative thinking by governments, businesses and entrepreneurs, and foster innovation among students and young people.

Our Primary school students have already embraced the challenge with their own take on the architecture and design of a mosque.

Primary Students proudly show off their Mosque designs using recycled materials

Inspired by Islamic art and encompassing the traditional colours, materials and textures they have designed and constructed fabulous models of mosques – many with grand minarets and embellished with gold colour.

The innovative twist is the use of recycled materials and everyday objects in all their mosque designs.  From the use of glitter, foil, paint, plastic cups and water bottles, straws – even coconut shells – the primary students, guided by teachers and parents, have demonstrated plenty of creative thought and talent to put these works of art together.

There is an extensive display of their finished mosque models in the Primary school.


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