Introducing the Golden Ticket Awards

Greenfield Community School is well known for being a caring, happy environment with a strong community ethos.  The foundations of our reputation are based on strong relationships between our teachers and students.  As an IB school we model the learner profile, so a motivational initiative was recently unveiled to further promote positivity, as well as consolidate and build on our teacher/student relationships even further.  One of these initiatives is the ‘Golden Ticket’ Award for students who perform or improve in an outstanding manner – and we are delighted to announce our very first success story!

Golden ticket
The coveted Golden Ticket

Aya Hammam, a Grade 7 student, only joined Greenfield Community School in 2017 as an EAL student.  She has already fully embraced the challenge of joining not only a new school but a new curriculum.  This month Aya was rewarded for her excellent efforts by being awarded not one, but TWO, Golden Tickets!

IMG_1269 sq
Aya Hammam, Grade 7

In the short time that these have been introduced, she is the only student to have demonstrated such an outstanding improvement that she has received the only two  Golden Tickets given out so far.  These were in recognition for her approaches to learning and improved work in her Science Book and excellent art skills in her Art lesson.

We are very proud of Aya for making such great progress and hope this motivates her to continue.  Well done!

The IB Learner Profile Merit offers opportunities for students to be recognised across a wide spectrum of areas including, but not limited to, academic success.  Students can receive merits for being caring when they support a new student in the school, or for being risk-takers when they step outside their comfort zone in the classroom.

Positive reinforcement acknowledges and recognises positive behaviour with the aim of promoting that behaviour on an ongoing basis.  In school, teachers do this daily with a smile, a nod, verbal praise or taking some extra time to chat to students.  Combined with a holistic positive approach to behaviour management, students grow to be self-disciplined and self-confident learners.  

This initiative has been a tremendous success with students across all grades enjoying the increased acknowledgement of their efforts.

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