Graphic Novel Cover Competition

Inspired by the new wave of graphic novels our secondary students were invited to submit their entries to the Graphic Novel Cover Competition.  The judges had a rather tough time choosing the eventual winners as there were some fantastic entries, so congratulations to:

Grades 6 – 8
1st  Giovanna Ito  7C
2nd  Lara Eckert  7B
3rd  Hania Ragab  7A

Grades 9 – 12
1st  Annamaria Hegedus  9D
2nd  Angela Gastelum  10B
3rd  Nadine Moussa 9A

graphic novel winners gallery_8 Feb 18

Graphic Novels are novels in a comic strip format.  Weaving narrative-story telling with visual art, they fire up our imagination beyond the written text of a book. They are also the home of many famous superheroes such as Batman.  The traditional genres of action and science fiction have expanded greatly in recent times to modern themes such as a space opera or heroic fantasy saga, a detective story or a realistic life account.


The students’ winning pieces and some of the other entries are currently on display in the Secondary Library.


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