Design Technology Exhibition

Grade 9 and 10 students have been hard at work on their latest Design Technology project.IMG_1078.jpg

For Grade 9 students the challenge was to design a bird box that would encourage our local feathered friends to nest within the school grounds.  The students were asked to consider novel ways of approaching the design beyond the classic square box and gable roof, which resulted in some amazing and fun interpretations; for example, a honeycomb pod design which would encourage a family of birds to nest there.

Extending the project further they were asked to research the optimum locations for the finished boxes within the school grounds, such as trees, walls or fences as well as thinking about how the bird boxes could be securely fixed.


A new take on the design and construction of the classic work lamp was the challenge posed to Grade 10 students.  Applying the MYP Design Cycle they had to consider the design, stability, ergonomic and safety issues, including use of a 12 volt light bulb and cabling.  Original design and innovation added aesthetic value to the pieces.


For both projects their technical skills were honed, including applying 3 different jointing methods in the construction of their piece.  The project required plenty of research, hands-on practical skills, and encouraged learning from design mistakes along the way.

Jeff Pringle, our Design Technology teacher commented “the students’ initiative and determination to complete a fully working product resulted in some really innovative designs.  I especially commend them for sharing great ideas within the group and their teamwork”.

A selection of the finished products are currently being exhibited in the Secondary Reception area.  Come and see them for yourself!

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