GCS 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Our 10 year anniversary celebrations last weekend were a great success. Thank you to the many, many families who came to support the day. The music programme was a hit with solo performances, our Desert Dance group, the Primary Choir and fire baton twirling on offer. The children loved the wide variety of stalls, activities or booths with a coconut shy, face painting, dunking for apples and the chance to throw a water-soaked sponge at the Principal’s face on offer. We honoured those families and teachers who have been at the school since it started ten years ago: in Dubai that’s a real accomplishment. There was plenty of food and good coffee to be enjoyed. Most of all it was a celebration of our school community, a chance for children, families , teachers and admin staff to get to know one another and laugh together. It was one of those occasions that, at the end of the day, everyone left saying ‘we should definitely do this more often’.


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