10 Days to go to our 10 Year Party Celebrations


Do you remember the day you turned ten? I felt very important and grown up and was so excited that High School was getting closer. I remember waking up to see a new shiny red bicycle in my bedroom adorned with a blue ribbon.  I was so proud that I now need to write two numbers down instead of one to give my age.

Next Saturday is Greenfield’s tenth birthday and we will be holding a fun family day to mark the occasion and you are invited to the party. Starting at 11.00 a.m. until 2.00 pm there will be lots to do. There will be a great music and dance programme and sporting activities for children and parents to enjoy together.

Matt Christensen, our Director of Athletics, has been working with his team to plan a sports programme that dads and lads, mums and daughters, can enjoy. During the festivities the Gym will be open for all to come and enjoy some sporting activities. To start the day our Championship Winning Basketball Team will be giving a demonstration of their skills on the court, before they give you all a chance to try out some of the practices which led them to the championships.  Our resident Crossfit legend, Miss Cuningham, will lead a session for everyone to try to see if they can beat the clock and finally we will have a fun game of MatBall for parents, students and visitors all to get involved with. Throughout the day table tennis, badminton and balloon volleyball will be offer so that the young, the older and everyone in between can challenge one another!  The GCS PE team will be on hand all day to help get everyone active, so get come on into the gym and get involved.

On the stage we are very excited to celebrate the wonderful talents and the way in which our students express themselves at Greenfield Community School. There will be solo music performances, bands, the choir, dance and events in which families can participate. These performances will allow our students from across our student body to share their many talents and engagements in our IB programs.

Our teachers have put their creative hats on to come up with lots of fun activities or ‘booths’ for the children to enjoy, with a coconut shy, kangaroo hopping, funky photo booth, and a sponge bob tossing station amongst the many on offer.  It will be lots of good old fashioned fun. As they win or are successful in each booth they will gather stamps: ten stamps will be rewarded with a medal.

While food and good coffee will be on sale, please feel free to bring a picnic. There will be bean bags to relax on while you enjoy your food and listen to our students perform.

The focus for the day is for our school community to have a really good reason to get together, for teachers, admin staff, students and parents to get to know one another better and to celebrate our school and its community. Your whole family is invited so, if you can, bring your grandparents. It is also an opportunity for other families to come and see our school and get a feel for its warm and welcoming ethos, so, invite your neighbours.

-Andy Wood-


Greenfield Community School

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