Budding Young Football Star Calls GCS Home


Omar is a budding young football talent who has been at Greenfield Community School since the second grade. He is only in grade 4 now but he is already being scouted by international organizations including Du La Liga High Performance and, most recently, FC Bescola Academy Casa Grande, FC Barcelona’s official football residency program in the United States.

FCBescola is the only FCB academy of its kind outside of Barcelona and can only bring four players maximum from Dubai. Du La Liga High Performance Academy only goes down to U14 and wasn’t planning on taking players younger than 10 years old; Omar, at 9 years old,  is the youngest of the group to be selected.

You can see Omar in this promo video from Du LaLiga:

Omar El Masri

Age: 9 years

Grade: 4

From: Lebanon

When did you start playing football?

When I was one.

What position do you play?

Center mid.

Who’s your favorite football player?

Danny Alvez

Favorite team?


What’s the hardest part about playing football?

It is that you have to learn the tactics and learn how to control the ball. You have to try and keep the ball really close.

When did you join GCS? And who is your favorite teacher?

I joined Grade 2. Mr Harris, is my favorite, last year he was my teacher. He is funny and yeah, he helped us a lot. Whenever we did mistakes he always comes up to us and tells us ways to figure out the mistake and improve.

I’ve heard you’ve been scouted by an international company, is that right?

Yeah, with LaLiga high performance. I might have to live with them and move to Spain and they are going to pay for my school. But I don’t know yet if I will move there.

How does LaLiga High Performance Academy work?

You go to the academy and there’s a scouter, he used to be a manager, and he comes and sees how good are you and if he thinks you are good he takes you to the high performance center so you have a one month trial and if you make it though then they are going to have to take to Spain and I’m going to live there.

You’re pretty young how do you feel playing with the older kids?

I play on the U14 team, I am the youngest. There is no U10 division so I have to play with the U14s. Most of my teammates are 13.

Do you find all of this scary?

No. I feel good. But if I move to Spain I don’t know the language and that is scary.

How did you find out about the Du La Liga High Performance Center?

My dad was searching for clubs and then he found La Liga and there were scouts. So he put me in to see if I would get scouted or not. And I got scouted so he kept me in. So, I’d like to thank my dad for his help.

How many times to do you practice a week?

I play for Barcelona and I train five times a week. And then two times with La Liga. I also play with GCS.


Contributed by: Jewelia Dakin

Greenfield Community School 

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