Success in the 2017 KenKen Championship

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It is with pleasure that we congratulate 25 of our students on their success at the recent 2017 KenKen International Championship. They represented GCS at the Emirates and National Level, competing against the best in the country.

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Hadi and Sotaro will receive gold medals at an upcoming ceremony

The most outstanding result came from Hadi Bohsali (grade 4) and Sotaro Yasuda (grade 10), who both placed in the top 20 in the UAE for their age groups.

Please join the Math Department in congratulating all our high achievers:

Bronze Medal Winners Silver Medal Winners Gold Medal Winners
Shobhit Chaudhary

Atharva Khule

Karmin Badr

Mohammad El Melki

Isaac Thekkumuriel

Afran Naranath

Vedant Aggarwal

Qinsheng Wang

Bowei Zhang

Anthony Gabra

Xingyu Zhang

Christian El Azar

Anna Klein

Fotis Ventouris

Mohamed Salem

Aryan Naranath

Lara Eckert

Aleksandar Takac

Luc van Heerden

Krrish Agrawal

Mustafa Khan

Manav Agrawal

Waleed Yousif


Sotaro Yasuda

Hadi Bohsali


Contributed by: Michael Guttormson

Head of Secondary Mathematics

Greenfield Community School


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