German Class Explores Traditional Cookie Baking


This week Monday and Tuesday, the Grades 11 and 12 German ab initio, German B SL and HL students continued the annual tradition of making German cookies with Mrs Eckert and Mrs Smirnova. They listened to popular German Christmas songs while having fun forming and cutting out the cookies. This year they were joined by a few other Grade 11 students who were intrigued by the traditions of Christmas in Germany and wanted to participate.

“This year when we were baking cookies, I thought it was a really fun experience because not only did I learn more about baking, I learnt a little bit more about German culture and traditions.” Hadi, Grade 12


“I designed my own cookie with traditional German dough, as I love expressing my ideas creatively and I found that this experience truly allowed me to do that as it was very fun and exciting.” Anthony, Grade 12


“This year was the first year I had baked German cookies, I made the dough at home with a traditional German recipe. It was a fun activity and I enjoyed it and it taught me a new vocabulary and skill,” Fayyaadh Grade 11

“It was a very nice experience baking German cookies for the first time personally. It was fun and I enjoyed it. I made my own dough though it was not very good but with the help of Fayyaadh and Mrs Eckert, I managed to bake the cookies. I also learned a new word that ‘Mehl’ means flour not honey the hard way.”  Nick, Grade 11


“This was the first time the German ab initio students baked cookies. We made traditional German recipes for Christmas. I learned lots of new vocabulary as we had a joint class with the standard and higher level students.” Fares, Grade 12

“I had enjoyed baking in my German class along with the standard and high level students because they had helped us learn a lot of new words from the recipe that we didn’t know before. In India, we do not have many traditional Christmas recipes, so it was a good experience to learn about another culture through baking.” Rehaan, Grade 12

Contributed by: GCS German Language Students

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