Fairy Tale Basketball: from Division 4 to Division 1 Champions in 4 Years

u16 boys basketball division champions

Greenfield Community School‘s run to the final could be likened to the average Disney plot. There are the good times, as the Griffins convincingly beat Dubai English Speaking College in the quarter finals. They then came up against Uptown School, a tough game with a few controversies but a position in the final was eventually secured. Would the final be the fairy tale ending, or was there yet another plot twist to come?

U16D1championships (94)

Supported by the travelling Griffins, the stage was set. The gym was full of noise and a strong GCS crowd there to play the important 6th man role from the sidelines.

dassa basketball

The Griffins came flying out the gates with an 8-0 run in the first quarter. They appeared to be in the driving seat. The momentum swings and a few big shots from GEMS Wellington International School brings the game to 10-10 end of 1st quarter.  The 2nd quarter is dominated by fouls as the game swings in Wellington’s favour. 22-16 at Half-time.

The 3rd quarter sees GCS slump to a 12 point deficit at 29-16. The momentum seems to be in Wellington’s favour. GCS are on the ropes and are struggling to get back into the match. Cue comeback!

U16D1championships (77)

Ethan Blom and Philip Silva combine for 16 points in 7 minutes and the game is now a 2 point difference with 10 minutes to play.  Team Captain Kamran makes 2 clutch baskets to give GCS the advantage. With 4 players fouled all the Griffin players had to rally to keep the spirit alive. Big plays from Marc Moral, Emile El Azar, Arryaan Wadiwala and Pedro Carmona put GCS up 6 with one minute left. A series of fouls followed and Wellington would get 10 free throws in the last minute of the game. They would only make 3.  A last chance from long range for Wellington bounces out of the ring as the buzzer sounded, giving GCS the win and crowning them DASSA Cup Champions 2017.

Four promotions in Four years and now DASSA’s top team, is this the end of the fairy tale story? Or is there more to come? GCS will be joining forces with Uptown for a collaborative tour. Two out of the top three teams in Dubai to take on some of the best teams in Eastern Europe. This story isn’t finished… just yet.

Contributed by: Coach Matt Christensen

Athletics Director

Greenfield Community School 

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