A Peak Inside our Grade 5 Camp – A Student’s Perspective

The students before leaving on their trip

Our Grade 5 Camp Trip

The Grade 5 students spent 3 days away from school. A two and a half hour bus ride brought us to the North Star Camp in Dibba; with hills in the background and the sea across the road. Our first activity was to get into groups of four; needless to say we scampered to be with our best friends… only to find that we were going to be separated into groups called A,B, C, & D. This not only pushed us to work with, but also to get to know our peers from different Grade 5 sections, kids who we saw every day in school but did not really have a chance to interact with.

After being given our sleeping arrangements, going through camp behavior expectations and devouring our packed lunches, Group A went off to rock climbing and abseiling with our main instructor, Buddy. He demonstrated how to safely put on a harness and helmet. After that we all walked over to the 35 foot high climbing wall which had 3 different climbing areas. The blue-red one was the easiest, the next level was the green and red one and the pink and purple one was the most challenging, though some of us discovered that we had skills we didn’t know of and found it quite easy.  After about an hour or so Buddy took us up to the top of the structure and we did some abseiling, from up there you could see every detail of our surroundings;  rocks, the ragged and jagged edges of the mountains, holes in the hillsides with inhabitants in hiding …all covered by one brilliant baby blue sky. After viewing all this, the thought of jumping off the structure and descending backwards was terrifying!!

While Group A was cheering each other on & attempting to build the confidence required to abseil,  Groups B and C were doing other activities such as team building& archery, kayaking & raft building, and Group D had taken off on a village hike. At the end of that day after everyone had showered, we all explored our cabins, there were 3 bunks for us to sleep in an A/C in the back and a window on the other side of the room. We also explored the camp area some more.  Our cabins surrounded a badminton court and a huge sand pit where the girls did gymnastics and the boys played soccer. There was a basketball court just by the cafeteria where some serious games took place and where many people would hang out. After we explored the cabins and the camp it was nearly dinner time, which meant that we had to go to the cafetria and line up so each group could go and be served in an orderly manner. Kids with special dietary needs got to line up first followed by the neatest most well behaved of either group A,B,C and D. Once everyone had their plates filled, we sat where we liked; boys huddled up, shouting and chatting while the girls were gossiping and laughing together, most importantly people did try mingling and sitting with new people and made new friends. After the delicious meal, each of the Grade 5 sections had to take a class photograph that our teachers sent to our parents! Next we lined up again and the main instructor Buddy told us to get our torches and get ready for the night wadi walk.

It was pitch dark and all we could see was a blanket of stars in the sky with nothing but the silence of the desert surrounding us!   When we got to our destination we were told to turn off our torches and Grayham (one of the instructors) narrated a story about a queen who thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world and the king wanted to do something about it but his only option was to sacrifice his baby daughter to the Kraken. After a few minutes of the story he told us that the queen got blown up and made into stars, we looked up and pointed out a few stars that formed an “M” on it’s side. We also learnt how to identify the North Star and found out why pirates always had one eye covered. After that we walked back down the dusty, rocky sandy path back to camp.

Every one changed into their sleepwear and got to their cabins and started to talk until lights out…..well not everyone, some of us were so excited that we stayed up really late.

The next morning before breakfast we played a bit and chatted most of us had big dark eye bags!  After breakfast, we got in to our camp groups and moved onto our next activity that took up the entire morning. Group D went on to Archery & Team Building, Team B moved on to Rock climbing and so on. Then we got to go back and eat lunch in the same way, except this time we played rock paper scissors girls vs boys to see who would go first, the boys won. After lunch, one of the groups that went on the village hike found a huge big animal skull, which was awesome! By that evening we all felt really tired. Our last activity for that evening after a yummy dinner was a tug of war. We then split into 8 groups for the tug of war battle. Our winning team played against the teachers and the teachers won.

The next morning after breakfast we got into our groups for our very last activity which was such fun again. After lunch-our final camp meal it was time to go home. The bus ride was entertaining, though most of us fell asleep and then we finally made it back to school.


Contributed by: Chloe & Nayya – 5TC

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  1. Amazing excursion
    Thanks for sharing your joy. Learning takes place in a school no doubt but it’s more pleasant on study trips like these. Nature unfolds a lot without words.
    Kudos to the school to inculcate this novel learning process.
    Do you advocate Yoga teaching in your esteemed institution?

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