Kellog’s Coco Pops Spelling Bee Preliminary Winners


This week saw the first Greenfield Community School entry in the UAE Spelling Bee competition. Eighteen students entered the competition and worked hard to master the Preliminary List of 1500 words. The students had a list of 26 spellings to write and then 2 to spell orally. From “rambunctious” to “monotheistic” our students battled valiantly to reach the next stage of the competition.


The winners of our in-house round are:


  • Anna Malgoire
  • Joakim Birk-Petersen
  • Qinsheng Wang
  • Sarah Tharakan
  • Pranav Agarwal

We wish them well as they prepare for the semi-Finals on 19th and 20th January at Curtin University, Dubai Academic City.  Congratulations to all the participants for being risk takers and throwing themselves so enthusiastically into the competition, we are very proud of all of you.

Contributed by: Judith Shannon

Head of English

Greenfield Community School



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