Everyday Mindfulness at GCS

Zafira (6)
Zafira Jivanjee in the Secondary Mindfulness Room

Since the opening of our Primary Years (PYP) Mindfulness Room in January our Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program has grown substantially under the guidance of Rola Ghadban, grade 2 teacher and Mindfulness/Wellbeing Coordinator. We have been very lucky to welcome, Zafira Jivanjee, formerly a mental health pharmacist and logistician for the United Nations medical team to Greenfield Community School to help run both our PYP and Secondary Mindfulness rooms. She has been working extensively to formulate age specific sessions for our students which include positive education, stretching and destressing sessions, sensory stimulation, and meditation to name a few.

All grades from KG1 to Grade 5 now have weekly 20 minutes sessions built into their timetables and our teachers and parents can attest to an increase in student concentration, calmness and understanding of mindfulness across our student body. Additionally, Zafira oversees our mindfulness rooms during break and lunch times to allow our students time to decompress.

mindfulmonday2.10 (4)
Rola Ghadban leading a session during Mindful Mondays

Every Monday our students, parents and staff are invited to our Mindfulness Monday sessions in the PYP Room before the start of the school day. From 7:20-7:45 AM you can participate in a guided mindfulness session to start your day and get a feel for the Mindfulness Program at GCS.

Our secondary librarians, Sara Fisher and Christine Malinowski, have taken the Mindfulness Mondays a step further and now our whole secondary library observes Mindfulness Mondays. On Mondays the entire library institutes a no device policy during break and lunch times and instead students relax by reading, coloring mandalas, meditating or playing board games. Additionally, we are running two mindfulness focused Extra Curricular Activities this term, one by Rola Ghadban in Primary and the other in Secondary by Christine Malinowski.

Next week we will be observing the Heart of Mindfulness and Anti-bullying week. During this week the whole school will be practicing at least five minutes of positivity daily in their classrooms. Please come support the Mindfulness and Positivity movement at GCS and join us next Monday in a guided Mindfulness routine before the start of school!

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 Jewelia Dakin

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