Tips for Helping your Reluctant Reader


Tips for Helping your Reluctant Reader

Many of our Greenfield Community School students are avid readers, but in this age of information and constant media distractions, sometimes encouraging our middle school students to sit down with a book can be quite a challenge for parents. Here are some tips based on research that have proven useful:

Who is a reluctant reader?

  • Reluctant readers are children who CAN read but CHOOSE NOT TO read…
  • They are children who may not have discovered a book, an author or type of literature they enjoy reading
  • They are children who may think of reading only as a chore to get through…
  • That reading is only for answering questions, sounding out words, taking tests, or completing worksheets… 



Reluctant readers have not yet discovered the JOY OF READING!


  • Children become good readers by actually reading. Reluctant readers are likely to fall behind in their reading development because THEY DON’T READ.
  • In other words: PRACTICE makes perfect!

So how do I help my reluctant reader?

  • Find ways to help your child discover the FUN part of reading!
  • Here are some ideas parents can use to turn a “won’t read” child into a “wanna read” child:
  • How to Motivate a Middle School Reader from Common Sense Media.

Tips for Choosing Books for a Reluctant Reader:

  • Is it the right reading level?
  • Is it age-appropriate?
  • Will he or she read it?

And even more Ideas from 17 Ways to Keep your Middle Schooler Turning Pages from

Graphic Novel Art by a GCS student

When all else fails:

Why Comic Books Belong in Schools!

Proven Favorites:

  • Comic books / Graphic Novels
  • Series books (Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Goosebumps, etc.)
  • Poetry
  • Children’s/Teen Magazines
  • Movie / TV tie-ins

Last words:

  • BE A ROLE MODEL: Let your child see you reading a variety of texts
  • HAVE FUN: Have reading be an enjoyable family activity
  • LET YOUR CHILD CHOOSE: Allow your child/young adult to read things he or she really likes
  • DESIGNATE A DEVICE FREE TIME for the whole family, at least a few times per week!
  • USE THE LIBRARY: and/or visit local bookstores to build a good home library!

Links to the Library:

Local Bookstores:

Happy Reading!   

Conrtibuted by: Christine Malinowski

MYP/DP/CP Librarian

Greenfield Community School 

Christine Malinowski

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