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At Greenfield Community School we are blessed to have many talented students inside and outside the classroom. As a school we want to enable all of our students with the confidence to discover and pursue their passions. One student who discovered his passion early on is, Alex Renner, Grade 5. He loves go-karting and when he isn’t in school participates on a competitive level in races!



Alex Renner, Grade 5, Age 10


Where are you from?

I was born here but my parents are from Germany.

How did you get started in go-kart racing?

I started when I was five years old and when I was eight I entered my first competition.

Tell me about your first race, were you scared?

The first race was when I was eight years old, in Yas Marina. It was a big track and there were quiet a lot of people and yeah, it was quiet creepy! I didn’t really know what to do at the start so the entire race I was last but then I started catching up and now I compete with the good guys.

Alex, number 99, racing on his favorite track in Muscat.

Do you have a favorite track to race on?

Yeah, in Muscat, Oman. That’s my favorite because it’s where I learned the most. I was coming in 6th or 7th in my races but on that track I came in third so I feel I learned a lot on that track.

How does the race season work?

We have 13 races in the year. So the races are on different tracks. If its in Dubai then I practice there. If it’s far away then I’ll practice 3-4 times before the actual race begins.

Who’s on your team and do you all have a strategy you follow?

We have different categories for racing. I’m in Micro Max that’s 8-12 year olds. You can start doing the Mini which is a bit faster but that’s when I turn 11. There’s only two people in my team, Keanu is my teammate and we work together. When we are racing and we are in front we keep pushing each other to pull away from the other racers. But when it’s the last lap or two and we are in the lead we start battling each other.


How do you train for race day?

Before the race day is scrutineering, this is where the car and I and all my stuff, we go to these people and they check everything. If there is a problem with your car or your suit or helmet then you can’t race.  Before that it is a lot of practicing.

How many hours do practice a week?

In a week, probably like 7-10 hours depending.

What’s your favorite part about racing?

The competitions and the challenges. And the achievement you get when you get when you make it on the podium.

What’s the hardest part about go-karting?

The challenge is the strategies you have to overtake and defend.

Do you think you’ve learned anything from racing that can help you with your everyday life?

Appreciation. Because not a lot of kids can ride a go-kart. They don’t get this chance. So I’ve learned to be appreciative.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a racer and as a side job I will be a Youtuber. When I get older I am going to start Youtubing more.

Alex over the Summer in Italy

You’ve competed in the UAE and Oman. Have you competed in other countries?

When it was Summer I went to Italy. I came in 42nd from 104 drivers they were all older than me and the cars were faster. Some of the kids were 12 and 13 and I had just turned 10.

Have you ever gotten hurt? Or had a bad crash?

Yeah sometimes when it’s my own fault. Like on practice days. I drove against the wall and I sprained my leg and then I went to the hospital. But I was quiet surprised because in Italy I saw people flipping and crashing and they didn’t even care. Here in the UAE we have only 18 competitors in a category/race but they had 104 so I had never experienced this before. More cars is more dangerous. It’s rare for us to crash because we are only 18 cars.


If you’re interested in competitive Go-karting or just want to support Alex, come out this Friday, October 27th and Saturday 28th at Dubai Motor City Oudoor Kartdrome. Entry is free and the Micro Max qualifying round starts at 10 AM with three heats throughout the day. Make sure you cheer on Alex’s cart 99!

Contributed by: Jewelia Dakin

Greenfield Community School 

Jewelia Dakin

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