GCS Breaks Record in the Box Appeal Initiative

At Greenfield Community School we believe in instilling social responsibility in our students so they can grow up to be globally minded individuals who make the world a better place. One of the initiatives we partner with is the Radisson Blue’s Box Appeal. Our students lead this initiative at the school level and are responsible for distributing boxes to homerooms to be filled with essential items for the less fortunate. The Box Appeal will then collect the boxes and give them out to low income laborers whom struggle to afford basic hygiene items.

Lea, Maryam, Hannah & Sophie, the Grade 11 students in charge of the Box Appeal

This year, four grade 11 students led and organized the initiative on campus, Lea, Hannah, Maryam and Sophie. They started handing out the boxes to the classes at the end of September and in the past few weeks “we’ve managed to fill all 298 boxes! In fact, we’ve run out of boxes and have lots of donation items in bags,” says Maryam. GCS has participated in this initiative before but this is a record number of boxes collected by the school.

When asked what they learned from participating in the Box Appeal Lea said, “We learned organization and time management skills. We also have a better idea of how to improve our efforts for next year so that we can continue to grow the initiative.”

The girls wanted to thank the Grade 8 class for being the grade level to donate the most boxes as a whole and a special thanks to Mr. Burden’s grade 3 class for being the classroom to collect the most boxes. One student in particular decided to go above and beyond when it came to filling the boxes. Muhammed Ibrahim Alauddin, Grade 7 B, filled 25 boxes! To get an idea of what it was like to fill so many boxes we sat down with Muhammed.

Muhammed, Grade 7

Hello Muhammed, where are you from?

I am from Pakistan and this is my first year at GCS.

Welcome to GCS! What do you think about the school so far?

It is a good school. I like the teaching. At my last school, we used to look at the clock waiting for our period to finish but at this school the time goes by much faster and we understand the information better too.

Why did you get involved in the Box Appeal?

Because at my old school, in Deira, we didn’t do anything like this and I wanted to do something for charity work. I am Muslim and in our religion we must do charity and give to others especially those who are poor.

What did you put in the box? And how did you get the items?

The box has a list of items that you need to get like: shampoo, one t-shirt, one cap, deodorant, soap, and other stuff… My mom and my dad helped me get the items. Right now I live in Deira still. We are moving to Jumeirah Park and it is a long drive every morning for me – 40 kilometers! But my parents help me.

What do you think about the workers?

They don’t have enough money to buy things. My father owns a shop and I see that some of the people there around the shop don’t even have the basics to clean themselves. I feel bad for them. If they get these basic things they will be happy. It makes me happy to help them.

Contributed by: Jewelia Dakin

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