Moral Education Coffee Morning- Secondary School

coffee morning 11 (17)
Farin Padamsey, Head of Student Support, Peter Fremaux, Head of Secondary, & Andy Wood, Principal
It was a real pleasure to host our first Secondary Coffee Morning of the new academic year and spend time taking questions from parents. We also spent time looking at one of this year’s major changes. As you may be aware 2017-18 has seen the launch of Moral Education across the UAE. This new course is non-religious, but rather aims to make students consider what values they have and how they contribute to the local community, the UAE and the wider world. For us at Greenfield Community School, Moral Education dovetails into the IB and our wider values.
During the coffee morning I introduced parents to this new course and my colleague Farin Padamsey led us in a series of activities where we considered the sort of areas Moral Education will cover.
Secondary Parents engagement workshop on ME
Moral Education Chart with values submitted by our parents
For me this was invaluable in re-enforcing the shared values we all have and which we are trying to promote in our children. It was really good to hear parents’ views and I look forward to future coffee mornings where we will not only present information on aspects of the school, but also actively seek parents’ input in what we are trying to achieve.
Contributed by: Peter Fremaux
Head of Secondary

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