Diploma and Career Programme Results


Our IB Diploma and Career Programme results for 2017 have been published and we are proud to see how well our students have done. Steffen Gutermann and Isabell Czech both achieved 40 points. This places them in the top 5% of IB Diploma candidates internationally and will open the doors of any university to them. Sara Meyer obtained 38 points which places her in the top 13%.These are the best results that students from GCS have achieved and are a reflection of both the students’ dedication and the commitment of their teacher.

The IB results are awarded on a 1 to 7 scale, with a 4 a pass mark and a 7 the top result. Students take 6 subjects with 45 the maximum (3 points are awarded for the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge) and must score 24 points to be awarded the Diploma.  Overall, our average for the 2017 class was 30 points, which is the international average, and our pass rate was 80%, which is the international average.

In comparison, last year our top score was 37 points and our average was 31 points.

Greenfield’s IB Diploma averages 2012-2017:

2012-17 Graph

Greenfield’s top IB scores 2012-2017

GRaph 2

Career-related Program (CP)

All students bar one of the 16 were awarded the Career Programme Certificate. This incorporates the BTEC modules they have completed and which are awarded separately.

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