Teacher Spotlight- Caoimhe Cashin

In the Teacher Spotlight, we sit down with a member of our academic team who helps impact our students on a daily basis. Today we chat with Caoimhe Cashin.

Teacher Spotlight Cashin

Caoimhe Cashin, Secondary Math Teacher

1. Where are you from?

I’m from Ireland.

2. How long have you been in Dubai?

Well, I taught in Liverpool for two years and then moved to Dubai 3 years ago to join GCS.

3. Did you always want to be a teacher?

I studied engineering in university and decided not to go for that. I guess teaching was always in the back of my mind so I decided to pursue it and I’m glad I did.

4. What do you like about being a teacher?

I like working with teenagers. I like working with people and I love my subject! Being a teacher is never ever boring. There is always something interesting and new happening always some challenge to go through. It’s a very varied job. It’s not just teaching maths you do other things in the school as well. Teaching is a vocation you’re helping people as well, you’re not just doing a job. You’re hopefully making someone else’s life better and having a positive impact on their lives.

5. What do you do for fun?

One of my hobbies is doing triathlons. I got started in the sport about a year and a half ago, my friend introduced me to triathlons and I quickly got very interested in it and started doing races. Since then, I’ve signed up for a couple of big races. I did the Ironman 70.3 in Dublin and in Dubai both within the past year. When you sign up for a big race you have to be quiet committed and take it very seriously. Since then it’s been a big part of my life and I love it.

6. What drew you to the sport?

I already enjoyed swimming and I working on my running before I got into triathlons. That is two out of the three sports, so all I needed was cycling. The variety of it drew me to it. Every day you’re training for a different sport. I think the main thing is in Dubai the triathlon community is first, a huge community and second, a welcoming community. There are people who do triathlons that are soooo serious about it, who are amazingly fit and fast and then there are complete beginners and everyone just helps each other out. I’ve met so many people through triathlons and I’ve joined a lot of groups. So its been a great social activity as well as keeping fit.  I like having a goal to work towards.

7. How in shape were you when you started?

When I first came to Dubai was quiet unfit, then I started doing more swimming and running but by no means was I ready to do a triathlon at all. I had to work and train every day to get fit enough and confident enough to do it. At first your goal is just to finish the race and then you start getting competitive with yourself and want to beat your own times.

caoimhe Cashin
Ms. Cashin, a few years ago…

8. What is the hardest part of the sport? Is it the mental or physical aspect?

It’s a bit of both but definitely mentally challenging. Especially with the longer races because you can be racing nonstop for 6-7 hours so to keep yourself going especially after your body starts hurting is difficult. Also it’s the commitment that goes into preparing and training for 3-4 months before you can do the bigger races. You have to do your training every morning and evening and on top of that eating well, it is all a big commitment.

9. How has being a triathlete impacted your work?

It has impacted it positively. Because I train a lot early in the mornings. So by the time I get to school I’m awake and ready to go. Also, I share a lot with my students and they like to see people doing positive, sporty things. A lot of our students are very sporty so it’s a good way to relate to them. One of the ECAS I ran this year was a tri-club. So I got to take the students to two Aquathon competitions in Dubai. Aquathon is swimming and running, no cycling. It has been great to see the students become interested and engaged in the sport as well.

10. What do you eat when you’re training for a triathlon?

I certainly eat more food than normal. I don’t really eat anything specific. I just try to stick to as healthy food as possible. And make sure getting plenty of water. But yeah, probably eating more is the biggest difference.

11. What’s next for you in you triathlon plans?

Well, October-March/April is the triathlon season here. When I get back from summer holiday I will get back into training and will be signing up for races when the season begins.

Contributed by: Jewelia Dakin

Greenfield Community School

Jewelia Dakin



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