5 Reminders Every Dad (and Mom!) Needs to Hear on Father’s Day

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It’s Fathers Day.  Actually, it’s a day like any other.  We get to be dads or, in my case, I get to be ‘Baba’ (what the Arabic culture calls their ‘dad’).

But today, we get to reflect on the scribbled greeting cards, smile when we receive the glued macaroni plates and receive big hugs when they yell “Happy Fathers Day Baba.” That last part is my favourite.

One thing that I have been blessed (and frustrated at times) to learn in my almost 8 years as a dad is how up and down every day can be.  Whether it’s dropping kids off to school, picking them up, running to the doctor or the dentist or just working on homework, it can be all over the place.

As a stay at home dad, I get to see a lot of those ups and downs that some dads don’t get the chance to. And yes, there is sometimes the occasional vomit that occurs, the pulling over at a random petrol station for the bathroom, the fits over not sharing toys.

For those of us dads,  no matter what we do for a living, we get very few chances to truly spend uninterrupted time nurturing and bonding with our kids without having to deal with the day to day life of being a parent.  And, although it doesn’t always avoid a vomiting fit or a bathroom break, there are a lot of ways that we can be there.

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   1. You helped make them

The day they were born, they were yours forever.  There was no turning back, no walking away and no changing the type of love that a child has for their father.  That’s all you.  That is what you get to experience – being the one and only for them.

     2. It only takes 10 minutes

If you are working and those long commutes in traffic take you home late and have you leaving early in the morning, it only takes 10 minutes.  There is nothing more important than even 10 minutes doing something random.  Maybe it’s reading a quick story, taking them with you to get your hair cut, watching something nice on the Ipad together.  10 minutes is a great start.

     3. They see you as their hero

Be that hero to them.  Change the way you talk with them.  Sit down on their level – get on your knees and ask them about their day, their week, the sleep last night.  Show them how excited you are when you get home from work.

     4. They love you like no one will ever love you

There is no other love like a child.  There is no other comparison to the unconditional love a child has for their father. They may show you in very different ways.  They may simply just want your advice or need a hug.  That is love.

      5. Be involved

Know what they are doing.  See what they are watching on the Ipad, know what book they are reading, see what they are working on at school and ask them about it.  Be interested – even if you are tired, you will be surprised at the reaction that you get.

Most importantly, be their dad today and every day.  Find every reason to be a part of their lives and create a memory for them in the same way that you have memories of your father.  Have fun.  Truly enjoy what they are doing.  They will be grown in a blink of an eye and you will never get today back.

Show them how great they are.  How loved they are.  How important they are to you.

Because I can bet that they think you are great no matter what!

Happy Fathers Day Baba’s/Dad’s/Fathers/Poppas.   You are a hero!

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