Thank You to our Departing Secondary Teachers


Departing Secondary Staff

It should be noted the outstanding contributions of the following teachers who are leaving us this year. Whether these staff have been here for a short, or a much longer time, they have all made a significant impact on Greenfield Community School and helped our students.  Sometimes these departures are sad, but often teachers also have exciting new ventures and journeys that they are moving onto. Often teachers are completing many things, behind the scenes, for the school that not everyone is aware of. I want to thank them all for all they have done.


Lubna Jiad

Lubna Jiad has worked in a number of roles at GCS. Her primary role has been a science teacher in the Middle Years Program, but Lubna was also a Grade Level coordinator supporting Grade 10, and recently she has taken an active lead role in the Duke of Edinburgh award. Lubna has contributed a great deal to the school. Lubna has driven many charity events for the school raising money for workers. She is a very sociable member of staff and leaves behind many friends amongst staff and students, and we wish her luck in her new school in Dubai.


Amad Raja

Amad’s classroom was nicknamed Antarctica by this year’s graduating Grade 12 as a result of his penchant for keeping the classroom cold, but Amad has a warm personality and will be remembered with much fondness at GCS, particularly by the Diploma Programme Physics students. Amad was responsible for leading the successful Taaleem Science Fair of 2016, which was driven by him and was very much his idea.  This event was a real highlight of last year and well done to Amad for taking it on. Amad had extensive teaching experience before he joined us, but he has grown in his experience with the IB and we wish him and his family safe travels with their new home in Turkey.


Silvia Semana

Silvia has made an outstanding contribution to the growth of the maths department during her two year tenure, particularly in terms of the introduction of Higher Level Maths in the Diploma Programme. Silvia works tirelessly on preparing her lessons and is one of our ‘brainiest’ teachers and took a lead role as committee chair during the CIS/NEASC visit, and most importantly, Silvia completed her Doctorate while working at GCS. We wish her all the best for a successful career and as she moves closer to home in her new role in Paris.


Nikita Shroff

Nikita has worked for GCS for a number of years, and, as well as being a French teacher and a homeroom teacher, Nikita took an active role in establishing GCS overseas trips with World Challenge, leading a trip to Tanzania. We wish her all the best for the future.


Ritu Dubey

Ritu has lead the Modern Foreign Languages Department at Greenfield for the last three years, as well as teaching French and Theory of Knowledge in the Diploma Programme. Ritu is passionate about the IB and this year expanded her experience by becoming involved also with the CP. Ritu is an IB Examiner and is training to be a workshop leader. We wish her all the best for her exciting new challenge in Estonia.


Erika Carroll

Erika has only been with GCS for one year and is taking a career break. We thank her for her great contribution to the SEND department, for leading the workshop sessions with Farin and passing on her SEND experience and expertise for the benefit of the secondary school. Enjoy your break, Erika.


Greg Haines

Greg is relocating to Germany with his wife, Phedra. We thank Greg for his wise ways and the experience he has brought to English and to the secondary school in general. Greg is a very popular teacher with his students in the MYP. He likes his classes quiet and he encourages a passion for reading and a curiosity for finding out about the world. Greg has a wonderful dry sense of humour and he has always been first to remind me, as Head of School, that it is the time of year to take the tie off, or to say if he hasn’t enough time to meet a deadline. Greg has a heart of gold, and will be much missed. Safe travels, Greg.

Bennie Seymour

Bennie has done a superb job in supporting the Diploma and Career Related Programmes numerous administrative tasks this year. Ms Vella and Mr Worth are indebted to Bennie for her help. The whole secondary team  wish her all the best for the future and her return to the UK.

Ingrid Pretorious

Ingrid has played an integral role in the life of GCS students, parents and teachers as the school counselor.  Her warmth and care for the students have been paramount. Thank you Ingrid for all your hard work and dedication. We wish you all the best in your future  endeavours.

Contributed by: Neil Bunting

Head of Secondary

Greenfield Community School


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