Preparing for your Science Exam

How to Ace your next science exam

The Science of Revision

Here are some tips and best practices to help you ace your next science test!

1. Organize and plan your time for effective learning.

2. Identify key topics to revise.

3. Read around the key topics to widen and deepen your knowledge base. This will help you answer the more challenging questions.

4. Focus on keywords in a topic to ensure you know what they mean and have developed a detailed understanding of them.


5. Use diagrams, flow charts, spider diagrams, mind maps and other visual aids. This helps you make links between the information you are learning.

6. Use a range of learning styles: revision cards, post-it notes, flashcards, online virtual drawings, posters, sketches, and/or cartoons that relate to a particular topic or paragraph. You can even voice record keynotes on your phone.


7. Review your progress. Test yourself. Try quiz or exam style questions, these will highlight your strengths and areas you still need to work on. It is helpful to identify learning gaps and then focus on those gaps. Parents, quiz your child! Students, ask your parents to test your knowledge!

8. Go to sleep early the night before the exam. Be well rested and prepared for your test.

9. Eat breakfast! It’s important to give yourself brain power.

Need a little bit of inspiration? These websites are excellent study resources for science:

Contributed by: Tahra Nadeem

Head of Secondary Science

Greenfield Community School 


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