Student Discusses our Award Winning Model United Nations

Being a member of the Model United Nations (MUN) is a big part of some of our student’s lives here at Greenfield Community School. As a truly globally-minded international school, the diplomatic skills learned by our MUN students are something we are proud of and hope to continue to nourish.

What is like to be a student at GCS and member of MUN? Today we sat down with Emile El Azar, winner of the DIAMUN Best Delegate award and only in Grade 9, to learn more about the group.

Emile El Azar, Grade 9, holding his DIAMUN Best Delegate Certificate


1. Where are you from originally?


2. How long have you been at GCS?

Since the beginning, back when the school was in the Marriott!

3. What activities do you do here?

My primary one is MUN (Model United Nations) I’ve done it since its opening in grade 6 and since then I’ve done several international trips and I’m also in several sports teams basketball, football and swimming.

4. What is the Model United Nations (MUN)?

It is an exposure to what really happens in the world. It helps us understand why politics change so slowly, mainly because there are different agendas in each country but we all work for the earth and as the new generation we can effect change for the future.

5. Why did you join MUN?

I personally crave debate. I love debating and I’ve always had critical sciences/politics as an interest for me. I always remember complaining about why the world is the way it is. Why is there discrimination and trivial problems and how can we change that? And because of my experience I am on the path to change that in the future.

6. What is your best memory of being in MUN?

It was certainly the last conference, DIAMUN. I was in the most difficult committee, the one who deals with the most difficult and complex issues of the world, the Security Council. I was assigned to Germany a prestigious country in the world. It is a strong country with a strong agenda. And I took advantage of that to steer my own personal growth and goals. Since I personally believe that MUN should be adopted by everyone. Everyone should do it. The issue with our politics today is the lack of understanding that people have and MUN aids these people to not only understand but comprehend the issues and create solutions that are efficient in every single way.

7. What has MUN taught you?

It has taught to take things slowly. Because nothing happens fast. There is always supposed to be a build up. A period of research and thinking before acting. And it has taught me importance of collaboration, communication and, obviously, working together as a unit

8. Do you think MUN has helped prepare you for life after school? If so, how?

Yes, of course. MUN improves your level of thinking and understanding of daily life and what really occurs in the life of nations. I want to have a career in politics and it has helped me to build up my skills and so I can make a radical change in the world.

9. It is an interesting time politically to be living in, what do you think about the UAE’s recent break in diplomatic ties with Qatar?

I believe it is correct. The GCC had to do this. Personally, as a Lebanese, one of the groups Qatar backed is based in Lebanon and Qatar should face repercussions for that action. Not major repercussions because we still have to work together to improve the region. Of course consequences should happen when negative actions have been under taken. Obviously each country has its own agenda in these causes. But Qatar has agreed to suppress radical ideology and since they have backed out on that pledge consequences need to be present.

10. You competed in DIAMUN and won an award can you tell us about that experience?

It happens every year. It is simulation of a real life conference at Dubai International Academy. It features invitations to many international schools globally. Our school as a whole performed very well with our delegation winning best one over all! Obviously this is due to our teachers, students and individual hard work. I won the best delegate award. This means the delegate who represented their country (Germany) the best. They look at collaboration, communication skills and understanding of the country you are representing as well as understanding the country’s politics when they pick the best delegate award. In each committee there is someone who can get the award. I was a member of the Security Council, which is full of the most advanced delegates and the most challenging. So there were 15 people in my committee and I won the award.

11. What do you need to do to be an MUN member?

There are no official obligations; you can sign up any time. But the most important thing is to have a passion for it. This applies for everything in life, you have to like math to be a mathematician, you should be passionate about science if you want to become a marine biologist. But most importantly, you should have an understanding of global politics and passion for it and what it means to be a part of MUN. I would like to encourage everyone to join MUN. I know some people join it just for the conferences, just to go fly abroad but it is the caring and involvement in the world that will make our generation better than the last one and set and unprecedented success in striving for betterment in the world.

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