Teacher Spotlight- Callum Stevens

In the Teacher Spotlight, we sit down with a member of our academic team who helps impact our students on a daily basis. Today we chat with Callum Stevens.

Teacher Spotlight Stevens

Callum Stevens

1. What do you teach?

I teach Primary PE and am the Head of Primary and Secondary PE.

2. How long have you  been at GCS?

I am finishing up my second year here but I’ve been in Dubai for 15 years and have always worked in education. Previously, I was at Raffles World Academy.

3. Where are you from?

Scotland. I’ve been lucky enough to travel my whole life. When I was born we moved to Nepal, then to Nigera and then we lived in Saudi from 1992-98. Then I went to University in Edinburgh.

4. What do you do in your free time?

I am married and have a three year old son so I spend time playing with my son and playing sports, trying to stay active. Also, I love cooking. I try to cook Asian food as much as I can.

5. What is something few people know about you?

I represented the UAE in Rugby Sevens about six years ago! And I do still play but not for the UAE anymore. I play for a team called the Dubai Hurricanes.

6. What is the best and the worst thing about working at GCS?

Best thing (how to do I saw this without sounding cheesy?) is working with the international kids that we have. Obviously you have kids from all over world and seeing how they interpret things can be quiet funny. One example is the way I look and talk and how kids from other cultures see me. Kids from the Middle East find the way I look quite different because of my freckles and pale skin. And I have to explain to them that I’m not some leper that people from Scotland and Ireland often have this kind of skin tone.The worst thing is the location, DIP isn’t the most scenic.  As you approach the school it is a bit industrial.

What do you hope is the one thing children take away from your classes?

Enjoyment. I want them to genuinely enjoy the time they spend in the classroom.

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Jewelia Dakin

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