Success for GCS in Taaleem Happiness Speakathon Finals

Mustafa Khan and Ismail Mujic with their Taaleem Happiness Speakathon Trophies

Six Greenfield Community School pupils took part in the first Happiness public speaking competition which ran across all the Taaleem schools. Our students were selected from the 8,300 students who took part from the preliminary heats within the schools. They delivered their speeches with the other 32 contestants at Dubai British School Jumeirah Park today. All of our GCS students spoke eloquently, with flair and style, wowing the judges in the process by both content and finesse.


Three of our students were acknowledged at the highest level: First place in the categories of Grades 6/7 and Grades 8/9 went to Ismail Mujic and Mustafa Khan respectively; Disha Amin was awarded third place in the Grades 4/5.

We are very proud of all of our students and their determined striving to reach their goals, as well as the courage demonstrated in meeting risk and pressure.

Our heartfelt congratulations go to: Iyad Hamdi-Dridi; Disha Amin; Ismail Mujic; Maddy Brooker; Mustafa Khan and Sam Shadbolt. Thank you to their families as well for their encouragement and support throughout the competition, a job well done!

Contributed by: Judith Shannon

Head of English

Greenfield Community School


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