Grade 4 Slumber Party!


Last Thursday  evening, the school gym took on a whole new perspective as it became the scene of the first ever Grade 4 Sleepover. 120 students and staff brought in sleeping mats,  blankets, sleeping bags, pillows and more than a scattering of teddy bears and set up in the gym for the night.

The initiative was part of the current Grade 4 unit which focuses on the idea of leadership. Students have been working to developing an understanding of different leadership styles; the qualities that make a good leader and how they can incorporate leadership skills into their own everyday lives.


Students stayed after school on Thursday and then set up camp. The evening included a rotation of 8 different activities all focusing on different leadership qualities, followed by pizza, more games and finally a movie before settling down to sleep.

In the morning the students were up early and, after a hearty breakfast, joined together for some more fun before being collected by parents. The teachers were unanimous in their praise for how well the students conducted themselves and displayed many leadership traits such as open-mindedness, cooperation, collaboration and communication skills.

slumber party

What did the students think?

“Before the sleepover, I felt weird because it was my first time to sleep at school and I was excited because I knew we were going to have fun doing the activities. The sleepover was amazing and I enjoyed it incredibly!”

The sleepover was awesome, I wish we could do it again. I also hope the next Grade 4’s do it as well.

What I learnt about myself as a leader is that everyone makes mistakes.

The thing that was the best about the sleepover was that we got to play ‘Capture the flag’ in the dark with glow bands.”

Contributed  by: Jill Shadbolt

PYP Curriculum Coordinator

Greenfield Community School


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