Arabic Public Speaking Awards & Student Interviews


Taaleem Speaking Competition first place winners: Abdulrahman Shaban(G2), Abdulkarim Shaban (G7), Osama Shaban (G11), and in third place, Abdulrahman Dijani (G5) pictured with our Arabic Department and Principal. 

Year after year, and competition after competition, Greenfield Community School has been taking the lead and our students excel in many fields.

Understanding the challenges of the future, and having proper awareness of the vision of the UAE in 2021, our students’ acquiring the IB learner profiles with their positive attitudes and competitive initiatives made them shine everywhere, and stand out in every event and competition. All the way from the Readers Cup Competition to the Arabic Reading Challenge Competition and the Taaleem Speech Competition, our students have outlined their courage, loyalty, and passion for their language, principles and values. They demonstrated an understanding of multiple cultures evident in their ability to synthesize and discuss various books in the Reading Challenge Competition. The high analytical and critical thinking skills they possessed enabled them to be chosen as finalists who will be competing on the country’s level.

Our students were powerful speakers and influenced the Arabic language with words and style. Their words were vibrant for the hearts and souls and enlightened their minds. Abdelrahman Shaaban (Gr2), Abdulrahman Dajani (G5), Abdulkareem Shaaban (Gr7) and Osama Shaaban (Gr11) were role models for their colleagues in the strength of personality, self-confidence and outstanding performance. They enlightened the competition with useful knowledge, rich information and a wonderful presence.

They have demonstrated to the world what Greenfield’s student can achieve, and that no difficulties can stand in the way of his success to reach the advanced ranks.

Congratulations to our students and their upkeep spirit….


مسابقة تعليم للخطابة

عامًا بعدَ عامٍ و مسابقةً تِلوَ مسابقةٍ تتصدّر مدرستنا و يتفوّق طلّابنا في عدّةِ ميادين.

إنّ فهم تحدّيات المستقبل، و الوعي السليمَ لرؤية الإمارات للعام 2021، و اتّصاف طلّابنا بملامح متعلّم البكلوريا الدّولية، و اتّخاذهم للمواقف الإيجابيّة و المبادرات التّنافسيّة جعلهم يلمعون في كل مكان، و يبرُزون في كلّ محفلٍ. فمن مسابقة كأس القرّاء إلى تحدّي القراءة إلى مسابقة تعليم للخطابة سطّر طلّابنا ملاحم البطولة و الوفاء للغتهم و مبادئهم و قِيمهم. فقد أثبت طلّابنا فهمّاً لثقافات متعدّدة، و قدرة على استيعاب و تلخيص و مناقشة الكتب المختلفة و إبدء آرائهم في محتواها مظهرين موهبةً نقديّة رائعة تجسّدت بتأهُّلهم للتصفيات الثالثة على مستوى الدولة في مسابقة تحدي القراءة.

و لقد كان طلّابنا خُطباء أقوياء، أثّروا و أثْرَوا اللغة العربية بكلمات و أسلوبٍ اِقتَحمت القلوب و هيّجت النّفوس و خطفت الألباب و الأبصار. فقد كان عبد الرحمن شعبان وعبدالرحمن دجاني  و عبد الكريم شعبان و أسامة شعبان  من طلّاب الصف الثاني و الخامس و السابع و الحادي عشر  قدوةً لزملائهم في قوة الشّخصية و الثقة بالنّفس و الحضور المتميّز. لقد أناروا المسابقة بعلمٍ نافعٍ و معلومات غنيّة و حضورٍ أخّاذ. لقد أظهروا للعالم ما يستطيع طالب غرينفلد أن يحقّق، و أنّ لا صعابَ يمكن أن تقف في وجه نجاحه ووصوله إلى المراتب المتقدمة. بُورِكتم يا طلّابنا و بُورِكت فيكم هذه الرّوح العالية…..

Contributed by: Anas Al Sayed, Arabic Teacher

Taaleem Public Speaking Competition Interview

Abdelrahman Shaaban, G2, and Abdelrahman Dajani, G5

We sat down with two of our student participants in the recent Taaleem Public Speaking Competition, Abdelrahman Dajani and Abdelrahman Shaaban to hear about their experience.

1. Can you tell me something about yourself and about the competition you were in?

Shaaban: I’m 7 years old and I’m in Grade 2.

Dajani: I’m 10 1/2 years old and in Grade 5. The competition was a speech competition and they will give you a topic and you have to explain deeply about it and show your feelings.

Shaaban: And they tell you in your grade how many minutes you have. I had one minute.

Dajani: And I got 2-3 minutes because of my level.

2. What did they ask you to speak about?

Shaaban: They asked me to talk about, “What I like in school.” And I said the teachers and I like how they talk to the students and they give the right marks and when you talk they are happy.

Dajani: I spoke about, “What project do you want to add to the school?” I decided to talk about the dark ages and I decided to put some information and some statues representing what was invented back then. Now people tend to give up but back then they were brave and they didn’t give up.

3. Where you scared to speak in front of so many people?

Shaaban: No, I wasn’t.

Dajani: I wasn’t scared but I literally just forgot the speech and I just couldn’t remember the speech. To be honest my topic was actually strong and I should’ve gotten first place but when I memorize too much, for my style of brain, I start to forget. So I tried to memorize but actually the teacher gave me a lot of pressure and I memorized too much and then I forgot! I stood up there and I thought I can’t speak but then my brain started remembering the speech. Some people they read from papers but me and him [Abdulrahman Shaaban] we didn’t have papers to help us. We made eye contact.

4. Did you have fun at the competition?

Dajani:  Alhamdulillah, yes, we had fun!

Shaaban: Yes! The best thing was I got to miss school.

[Lots of laughter]

5. What did you learn from this experience?

Dajani: Well his mom and my mom-

Shaaban: [interrupts] They are friends!

Dajani: Yeah, they are! But I wasn’t talking about that. Our moms sent us there to challenge ourselves and to go in front of the judges. They had us to do this so in the future we know how to face a challenge and say a speech.

Shaaban: I went on stage one million times in the school! The first time I was so scared and the second time I was more comfortable and then I realized something, that no one is standing there with a gun! So the third time I was no longer scared.

6. Who gave you inspiration to give the speeches? Is there anyone you look up to who is a good public speaker?

Shaban: Yes, we, we model ourselves after the sheikh in the mosque on Fridays when he gives his speech.

Dajani: He gets out of depression and fear of speaking by saying his feelings in a strong voice.

Shaban: And we learned from watching him that we can give eye contact and do actions with your hands.

Dajani: I went a lot with my father to the Friday prayers so I know exactly how to present a speech: eye contact, lots of confidence, and body language. For me going a lot of times to prayer showed me how to stay confident and stay on track with my speech.

7. Do you have any advice for giving speeches?

Shaban: I got advice from my mom and she said to speak in a loud way but not screaming and not shouting.

Dajani: You shouldn’t be scared because you have to show your real feelings towards the thing you’re talking about.

Shaban: And when you do actions with your hands and your body you do the right thing not like [Moves hands erratically].


Dajani: Yes! it needs to specific body language that matches your speech.

Shaban: Yeah, don’t just move your whole body.

Arabic Reading Competition

After a very recent success in the Taaleem Public Speaking Competition, the Arabic department is proud to announce that three of our students were chosen as finalists for the Reading Challenge Competition sponsored by His Highness; Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This inaugural competition encompasses 3,500,000 participants worldwide with approximately 100,000 participants in the UAE. The internal competition has been conducted on Saturday the 15th of April and only 50 finalists were chosen from the country as a whole. It is for great pride for us to know that three of those finalists are from Greenfield Community School.

Congratulations to our outstanding students;

–       Osama Shaaban (Grade 11)

–       Abdelrahim Shaaban (Grade 11)

–       Abdelrahman Shaaban (Grade 2)

Our school is growing year after year with its many successes. The due diligence, hard work and perseverance of our wonderful students raised our school to high standards and made it known on a global scale. It is only the commitment of our outstanding students and teachers to an unrelenting pursuit of our goal that enabled us to retain the success we sought.

Well done to our students and we wish them the best of luck in the next stage.

Contributed by: Iman Fattoum, Arabic Coordinator

Arabic Reading Competition Interview

Osama Shaaban, Abdelrahim Shaaban, and Abdulrahman Shaaban

We sat down with three of the GCS students, Osama Shaaban, Abdelrahim Shaaban and Abdulrahman Shaaban, who competed in the Arabic Reading competition to learn what the experience has been like for them.

1. What inspired you to compete?

Abdulrahman: It gives us the opportunity to become more knowledge about Arabic and gives us the opportunity to spread the Arabic. With over 600 million people in the world speaking Arabic it is an important language.

Osama: It gave us a chance to read 50 books and I enjoy reading. Excluding this the judges will also ask us general questions about history, culture so they can see if you are knowledgeable about global issues in the world.

2. Are there any public speakers that inspire you?

Abdulrahman: I think maybe Faisal al-Qassem he is politician and he has his own TV show where he interviews politicians and they express their different opinions.

Osama: He has lots of charisma and really good public speaking skills.

3. Did you learn anything from this experience?

Osama: The importance of feeling. Not just having it something compulsory but as a hobby that you really like to do.

Abdularahman: Well, whether you win this competition or not you are going to gain something. You’re going to gain knowledge from the 50 books we read as part of the competition and reading broadens people.

Osama:  It broadens literacy skills as well as knowledge of the world. And you learn to look at a text from different perspectives because the judges really look at your analytic skills and how you look at the books.

Abdulrahmin: The competition doesn’t mean you have to win it to learn something, it teaches you the language and it improves your skills in reading.

4. Do you have any public speaking tips?

Osama:  Working advocacy skills and also there is a skill called stimulus variation and its like a skill for avoiding boredom to make sure you always capture the audience. IB gives you the opportunity to enhance your communication skills because it is part of the IB learner profile. So when we participate in things like the Arabic reading challenge we find we are far ahead of students who aren’t in IB.

Abdullarahman: Be confident. Imagine yourself having a normal elegant conversation.

Abdulrahmin: Remember to have eye contact and body language.

The Arab Reading Competition final will be held this Saturday, April 29th. Wishing our GCS participants the best of luck!

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