G10’s 2nd Annual Business Plan Competition

Last Wednesday, 12 April 2017, the Individuals and Societies Department spearheaded the 2nd Annual Business Plan Competition with a theme “Business Innovations in a Diversified Society”. This was part of the summative assessment of Grade 10 students for their Unit 3 – Business Studies. Underpinning the statement of inquiry which is the ability to understand the interconnections within a system is necessary in a successful business undertaking and can be the best form of entrepreneurial expression, this competition provided a strong platform for the graduating students of MYP to apply all business related terms and concepts; to create new businesses; to produce business plans; to experience a real-life situation and to display their potentials and skills in entrepreneurship and business management which can be considered as their future undertakings.



Out of nine (9) entries, three (3) entries were chosen based on the following criteria;

  1. Assessing the need: Well defined opportunity/need/problem
  2. Creativity: A demonstration that business plan displays a unique approach 
Does the proposal address the need/problem in an innovative, exciting, and dynamic way?
  3. Marketing Mix: Clearly outlines and describes the marketing mix and an effective overall marketing strategy for the new business venture
  4. Profit and Ethics: Clearly explains why the business is going to make profit and is ethical?
  5. Over-all effectiveness of the actual presentation:
    Did the presenter(s) engage the audience and hold their attention? Did the presenter(s) appear to speak with confidence authority? Were visual aids (i.e. PowerPoint® slides) clear and valuable? Was the pitch exciting and compelling? 
How efficiently did the team manage the time?

Over-all Winners

1st Place – “Pretty Polish” by Pavetra Logamoorthy of Grade 10C

2nd Place – “Beat Feet” by Rachel Scott of Grade 10B

3rd Place – “Ruffy” by Omar Maslamani and Naeif Hijazi of Grade 10A

This event highlighted our students’ innovative ideas, creativity and critical thinking skills. Congratulations to all Grade 10 students!!!

Panel of Judges

On behalf of the I and S Department, we would like to thank the following:

  1. All the Grade 10 parents who attended and witnessed the competition.
  2. Rehaan Ahuja of Grade 11 who did an excellent job as the host of the event.
  3. Members of the panel of judges – Michael Worth, Ms. Dianne Vella, Mr. Michael Guttormson, Ms. Kelly Colleran and Ms. Dolores Allison.
  4. Mary Dunphy and Ms. Sinead Griffin who helped in the planning and implementation of the program.


Contributed by: Gemelyn Palo

Head of Individuals and Societies Department

Greenfield Community School

Ms. Palo


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